Are you ready for your moment?

This is too funny. I think I may have ESP. I have been reading this Elizabeth Potts Weinstein’s blog for almost a year and she always seems to read my mind. Today I was going to sit down and write a blog about stepping up and embracing your moment. Well Elizabeth PW did it so wonderfully, you deserve to read it.

My moment happened in December and I pushed it in the corner because I was to0 scared and thought that I wasn’t worthy okay let’s call it what it is SCARED SHITLESS of my moment. Could I be bigger than I am today, could everything I want really want come happen if I stood up to my fear?  Anyone have those thoughts? Not sure about you but my negative thoughts SCREAM!

Well — I am no longer hiding. Next week I leave to attend a seminar with Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove. Prior the event they sent a 3 page questionnaire that really helps you get you mind straight and ready to hit the ground running once you go there, but also want actions will you take once you get home.

Don’t let fear, money, time what have you get in the way of your moment.  Someone once told me — NOTHING WORTH HAVING COMES EASY!

Have you had your moment?


What’s In Your Breakfast?

For me September always signals change.
Change in your laid back summer attitude, kids going back to school, the return of traffic (at least here in Boston). So why not take this time to change your breakfast. What do you typically grab for breakfast? It is highly CARB based — bagel, fat free or low fat muffin, just coffee or heaven forbid NOTHING!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and by adding a few more grams of protein, it will keeps us from indulging in sugary snacks later in the day.  Here are some snack ideas:

  • Scrambled egg whites with spinach and Ezekiel toast — don’t have time? microwave eggs while in the shower and stick in the toast
  • Add some egg whites — don’t judge eggs are in all baked goods, why not oatmeal or protein powder to your oatmeal
  • Plain Greek yogurt or cottage cheese with some fresh or frozen (non-sugar added) fruit or wheat germ.
  • Whole wheat waffles and egg whites or Greek Yogurt or cottage cheese.

If you have any more breakfast ideas, I would love to hear them just post them in the comments below.