Your Last Weight Loss Program

Make 2012 the year you realize your weight loss goals and/or fitness goals.  To kick off the new year I am offering F.R.E.E individualized wellness coaching.  Your read correctly, here’s the catch, I’m only accepting 10 people! So hurry and contact me!  Whether you are looking to lose fat, build muscle, gain energy, feel younger or improve your athletic performance or all of the above, I’m here to help!

What you get:

  • Nutrition coaching
  • Customized fitness plan based on your goals and schedule
  • Weekly check ins
  • Online support group
  • Accountability


  • Commit to the process
  • Set realistic goals
  • Work with me to make a plan of action
  • Be ready to take ACTION not just talk about
  • Use the recommended nutrition program that suits your unique goals.

If you are ready to walk the walk, and finally lose those last remaining pounds, run that 5k, have more energy to play with your kids or just feel better about how you look, I can help get you there.  For more information about this program, send me an email.  I’m only accepting 10 people into this program!  Make sure you are one of the 10!

PS> KF took advantage of this and lost 7 pounds in one week!


What Are you Eating?

These past few weeks, we may have been eating more than we typically do during the rest of the year. Come January 1st, many of will list losing weight as your primary New Year’s Resolution. So what do you do? You head to the gym and hit the cardio machines, take a few group exercise classes and maybe lift a few weights. The question that remains is what are you eating? Jack Lalanne is the godfather of fitness and his famous quote is~ Exercise is King, nutrition is Queen, put them together and you’ve got a kingdom. Most people forget to think about the food.  Once you get your nutrition in alignment you will find that workouts come a little easier and you fit into those skinny jeans just a little faster.

Over the next 5 weeks I going to give a number of challenges to help you kick off the new year with a bang!

This week I challenge you to keep a food journal! This food journal doesn’t have to be anything fancy. I use Fitday to track my food. They have a free online version as well as a paid version. You can also just write it down on a piece of paper. Why do you need to write down what you eat? When you write down what you eat, you get an up close and personal view what you are putting into your body. This exercise will be very eye opening. Care to share your journal with me? I’ll do FREE 15 min nutrition review.

PS — Feel like you need a little more help and want to do a cleanse to detox the holidays? Let me know my client Kjerstan did and lost 7  pounds in one week! Shoot me an email for me details.


What’s Your Why?

This is the time of year when many of you make “resolutions” you decide that this is the year that you will….. Now I ask you a question – WHY??? Why do you want to keep the resolution?  What is your motivation?  Why do you want to achieve that goal(s)?

Your why should be so powerful that it should keep you up at night with excitement, your why should be so motivating that it will drag your tushy out of bed on a minus 3 degree snowy morning to hit the gym to get your lift on. [Read more…]


What’s Your New Year’s Theme?

This year instead of making a resolution I’m make a themes for 2012. My first theme for 2012 is EXPRESSION!!! This year I will be stepping in front of the camera and doing more video blogs so that I can demonstrate exercises that you should incorporate into your fitness routines, show you some of my favorite recipes and I want go my readers a more of an one on one experience.  I’ve been writing this blog for almost 3 years and it’s time for me to get a little more personal.  The best thing about my theme is it has a THEME SONG!!! I know it’s old school, but it works!!! What are your theme’s for 2012?  Do you need some help setting those themes? The week after Christmas I’m having 15 min goal setting appointments. If you are interested, please shoot me an email.


What’s Up With Kim?

Over the past 3 years I have shared a nutrition, workout and motivational tips, but this past week I was speaking with some of the readers of my blog and they asked for me to share more about me.

So.. here it is. I’m not perfect I too struggle with this time of the year! Last week I attended a conference that was serving lunch. I started out the day with my oatmeal, egg whites and berries for breakfast I packed 2 snacks (AM and PM). They were serving lunch so I didn’t bring my lunch. Well.. let’s say that was a mistake while it was an EXCELLENT chopped salad, it lacked PROTEIN! 20 minutes after I ate I was STARVING!!!! We were in a part of the convention center where they didn’t have store to purchase water and my 1/2 gallon water bottle only made it to lunch.  Let’s say by the time I got home that night I was ready to eat my leg off!!! Because I didn’t eat enough all day I came home and started GRAZING until I finished preparing dinner. Lesson learned — bring more protein and carry more water. The next day I went back to the event and was much more prepared and didn’t come home to eat 1/2 of my kitchen cupboards.

As for workouts — the past few weeks I have been flat out finishing up some projects before the end of the year. Typically I like to workout 4-5 days/week. Let’s just say it’s been difficult! Just this past Monday I had a plan to hit the gym at 5:30am — I like to workout in the AM because I less likely to get interrupted or have the day get away from me. Unfortunately my body had a different plan. I woke up at 1:30 AM and didn’t fall back to sleep until 4am, let’s say when the alarm went off at 5:15am I wasn’t feeling it. I gave myself the out. That doesn’t make the whole week is ruined it means I missed ONE workout and I need to brainstorm to see if there were other ways to make it up. Before I got out of bed I went through my mental calendar and decided that I could make up this workout on Thursday because that is typically my rest day.

How do I stay motivated? I started competing in 2004 because I needed a goal! I lost 30 pounds and I was like now what! Competing gives me a goal to strive for. When I first started competing I did about 5 shows/year now I do 1. That’s really hard for me to stay on track and last year I went 14 months without competing! I packed on the weight for me. I had put on 12 pounds during that time. Why do you ask, because I didn’t have a motivating goal and for the most part sleepwalked through my workouts. NOT THIS YEAR!!! I vowed that would not happen taking off those 12 pounds SUCKED OUT LOUD. My next show is May 2012 and will stay within 5-7 pounds of my show weight.

What’s a good goal? I’m always asked what is a good goal. My response is typically what will motivate you  to get out of bed on a 3 degree snowy morning. That’s a motivating goal. Goals are very personal. Your goal could be something really simple such as fitting into your pants or training for a marathon. Finding your motivation is truly personal and if you want to do some brainstorming, shoot me an email.

I hope this gives you a little insight to me. I will be offering 15 min goal setting appointments the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Please send me an email with some days and times that will work for me.



10 Ways To Have A Healthy Holiday

Why is that during the holidays we make all sorts of excuses not to follow our diets and keep up with our workouts. I say — Why put off till tomorrow what you can do today!!!  Did you know that it takes 3500 extra calories to add one 1 pound? So.. during the holidays the average person gains 3-5 pounds because they are eating an extra calories and not moving enough.  How do you stop it? Here are 10 ways to stop the holiday bulge.

  1. Watch your portion size. During this time of year it seems as though there is always food and drink around. We all seem to use this time of year as an excuse to eat and drink what we want! But all those little treats add up especially you aren’t exercising. Fill your plate with 50% veggies and lean cuts of protein. Before you attend a party have something to eat, don’t go on an empty stomach. [Read more…]

Fitness Minded Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year, when we are asked to make our holiday list or perhaps you’re scratching your head trying to decide what to get for all of your fitness-minded friends.  Here are a few suggestions.

  • Ty-she Gym towel  –This towel wraps around your waist covering your butt and has convenient pockets for your IPod, keys and ID.
  • Words to Sweat by — Need some motivation while you are working out? These handy little personal sweat towels having truly inspiring words to really funny mantra that keep you plugging through your workout.
  • The Body Shield towel — Want to create a true barrier between YOU and the machines at your gym?  Check out The Body Shield, its antimicrobial, odor free, and come with an elastic band that lets you attach the towel to equipment without it slipping off.
  • The Blender Ball shake mixer — Most shaker bottles contain a plastic mesh cap that is “supposed” to help blend the powdered protein shake with the liquid.  This doesn’t always give you a clump free shake, enter the Blender Ball shaker. It has a wire whisk ball that makes your shake taste like it was but through a blender – okay almost =)
  • Sandbells/Waterbell Dumbbells, Medicine balls and kettlebells aren’t portable, hurt when you drop them on your feet or hands and can be expensive to have all of them in your home gym arsenal.  Sandbells combine all 3 and then some! You fill these stretchy neoprene bags with sand or water.  You can use these bags at home or bring them with you to add strength to any outdoor workout.
  • Valsides or Gliding Discs — Works your lower body as well as your upper body with these little devices.  They may be small but they will leave you feeling the burn!  Both of these little pieces are portable so you can bring them with you to the gym or throw them in your suitcase and create an ultimate travel workout.
  • Monster bands — Are you someone who travels or know someone who travels a bit.  Do they go to the hotel gym, see pink dumbbells, and think how am I going to get a good workout?  Maybe you’re a new mom who has a challenge getting to the gym.  The typical bands you find at your local Target or sporting goods store may not provide enough resistance.  You can purchase these monster bands – you can use them in a variety of ways.  They are lightweight, portable and can add versatility to most exercises. 
  • Vitamix — This is a blender on steroids.  You can blend partially anything with this blender.  It takes a lickn’ and keeps on blending.  I’ve had mine for over 15 years and it’s still going!
  • Magic Bullet — Not quite ready to step up to the Vitamix?  Check out the Magic Bullet.  It’s perfect for travel and it’s a little friendlier on your wallet.
  • Sweaty Bands This is a cute way to keep the sweat out of your eyes and it won’t slip.
  • Mini Exercise Ball — Use this ball to upgrade your ab workouts.  This little ball will have you feeling every muscle in your abs.  Just put it under the small of your back extends your arms and try lifting your feet.

If you don’t like any of these ideas, you can always send them to Lululemon to get you a cute outfit or a bag.  Have any other suggestions, leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear them.