9 Ways To Change Your Fitness Habits — pt2.

Last week I talked about how to change your perspective to get fit. This week I give you the rest of the tips — you are either moving forward toward your goals, treadmilling — plugging away but going now where or standing still. My hop is that these goals will help propel you forward into taking action.

  1. GET A SUPPORT SYSTEM. Find someone or many someones who could help hold you accountable and I’m talking someone who isn’t afraid to call you on your stuff — I’d like you to insert your own expletive. You don’t have someone like that in your life — reach out to me — I don’t take excuses.
  2. COMMIT TO VARIETY. I hear it all the time; I can eat the same thing over and over again. Whelp – no you can’t!! Your body gets use to everything. We need to keep your body guessing – that means food, cardio and lifting!!! Here are some quick tips:
    – make 2 menus and rotate between them. Learn to introduce 1 new food item/month. Also, learn that nuts and nut butters are great, but not an every day source of good fat.
    *Cardio  — each time you go to the gym – try a different piece of cardio and try a different program for cardio – one day you do the fat burner, the next hill interval, the next manual and make up your own kick ass interval. Are you picking up what I’m putting down?
    * Lifting – each month vary yours workout to keep your body guessing some months its about endurance, some months its about strength – make your workout about muscle confusion that’s how you are going to stimulate change. Over training doesn’t make results come faster – it leads to injury and NO RESULTS!
  3. BE OPEN TO THE PROCESS. This is a process; each of you is an individual.  Your body will do what it wants to do. If you are client of mine, I have years of experience and have seen hundreds of bodies. Just trust – I know you go to the gym, go on Facebook or other forums and hear that people are doing this that and everything else. I ask that if you are working with me you trust; I know what we I’m doing. I can help you reach your goal!
  4. BE A PROBLEM SOLVER.  Obstacles are going to appear. I don’t want them to get you down. When obstacles appear – you are going to look at it and say to yourself – what can I do to – go over it, under it, around it, over it or punch a hole right though it. You can also reach out to your coach so we can brainstorm ideas.
  5. WHAT’S YOUR INTENTION! Decide what is your bull’s-eye – what is your ultimate goal and set your mind on achieving it!  You need to from this point forward commit to be better than you were yesterday. Think of the book The Little Engine That Could. He keeps plugging along and eventually makes it up that hill. The worse thing you could do is – QUIT!  Remember the easy to do is the hardest to do!

I hope has helped you put your fitness commitments into prospective. I’m hear to help. If you need any assistance, just shoot me an email. If you think what I’m saying is completely crazy!!! Leave me a comment below.


9 Ways To Change Your Fitness Habits

Spring is less than 30 days away. We are all thinking about spring/summer events that are happening that we want to be in our best shape.  Here are 10 core commitments that if you follow will get you to where you need to be.

  1. DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT! I’m talking be really firm with yourself, say I want to rock my bikini on vacation, I’m going to look fantastic in my wedding dress, I’m going to fit into my skinny jeans.  I don’t want to hear I’m going to give it a month and see. I’m going to cross my fingers and hope this will work. Not going to cut it. Living a healthy lifestyle is a journey and guess what journeys take time. Do you think Louis and Clark said hey let’s pile up the horses and walk for a day or 2 and if we don’t see anything we’ll come back? NO – they said let’s keep walking until we can’t walk any further.  Think of your fitness journey as being an explorer – you are going to take your fitness as far as you can take it.
  2. FOLLOW THE PLAN. Many of you think that in order to lose weight, you need to live a life of deprivation and that the only way to lose weight is to live off tic tacs and diet soda. That’s not what the Fabulous Fit Squad is about! We FEED you. There is no food group that is off-limits.  Depending upon where you are in your program and how your body is responding we may change your portions/serving’s, but you will NEVER be deprived. I know that most of you want this blueprint and I so wish it were that easy to say – week 1 you’ll do this and by week 10 you’ll be doing this, but our bodies sometimes have a mind of their own and get stubborn. That’s when you are on our coaching program we ask that to check in with us regularly. So.. we can see those stubborn bodies and make adjustments to help you reach your goals.
  3. HAVE A BURNING DESIRE FOR SUCCESS. IF you kind of sort of want this and kind of sort put the work in, then guess what – you will kind of sort of have results! Living a healthy lifestyle is about consistency – you need to be consistently be working on BOTH your nutrition and your workouts. This goes back to number 1 – decide what you want!
  4. COMMIT TO YOUR CALENDAR. Being successful with weight loss is about planning! Put your workouts in your calendar and treat it like it’s an appointment you can’t break! Maybe even find yourself if you break it. You should also make a commitment to WHEN you will cook your meals. My cook day is Sunday at 6:00pm – yes it’s that precise. If I know I’m not going to be home at 6pm, I cook earlier in the day or even double cook the week before and freeze. That’s called commitment – see number 4 – I have a burning desire to be successful. Even if I’m not getting ready for a competition I do want my jeans to fit and my thighs not to rub together – you feeling me?

Tune in next week for the next 5.

I hope you found these to be helpful. I’d love for you all to also think about changing your internal vocabulary to be I can, I will, I know and ABSOLUTELY.  I’m here to help. I know what we all have ups and downs — reach out!


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