About Your Squad Leader

My name is Kim Barnes Jefferson I am personal trainer based in the Boston area. My mission is to challenge clients in ways that will headshothelp them reach their fitness goals, while teaching them how to live a healthy lifestyle. I teach clients to keep it simple and that slow and steady wins the fitness race. Whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle, or just look good in clothes, I will teach you the facts you need to manage food intake, burn calories and resistance train.

My Core Values 

  1. Fun
    • Use humor appropriately to encourage and energize.
    • Communicate excitement and enthusiasm about the work.
    • Make sure I find a balance between work and fun and encourage my clients to do the same
  2. Keep it simple
    • Make it easy for clients to interact with me
  3. Authenticity
    •  Keep in real. Be open and honest with all. Ensure that clients feel they can do the same.
  4. Belief 
    • Have belief in myself as well as my clients. Make sure my clients feel supported and heard.
  5. Action oriented
    • Always be striving to be better. Not settling for being ordinary.
  6. Learning
    • Ensure that I’m always learning new ways to motivate and inspire my client.  Make sure my clients feel as though they are learning about the process and themselves as they move towards a healthy lifestyle.

My training philosophy
“Moderation without deprivation

There is a healthy person inside each of us. I work with clients to
help them understand that one bad day doesn’t push you completely off
your course. Remember, it takes 21 days to create a habit, each day we take one-step towards meeting our goals. If you stumble, who cares, just dust yourself off and start again. I am there when you stumble to help you get back on your on course.

I have been intrigued about nutritional and fitness since I gained the dreaded freshmen 15. Before college, I could eat and drink what ever I wanted and not gain an ounce. Boy was I shocked when summer came and I could no longer fit into my shorts! I began to take aerobics classes and became hooked on aerobics video tapes. My clothes started to fit better and I was feeling great. I was working out so I could eat whatever I wanted right? This worked for a while and then the weight started to creep back on. What was happening, I am exercising!!

Well, I didn’t fully realize that eating, strength training and degree of aerobic intensity all played a role in maintaining my weight. Before I started this journey, I was caught in the rat race, I traveled 100,000 miles a year eat out nearly 80% of all my meals, even when I wasn’t traveling, because I working 12 hour days and just too tired to think about cooking. In 2003, I said ENOUGH. I was burnt out, my current job wasn’t my passion, and so I left the rat race and started Personal Training full time. I was like many of you, I was confused about what was a good work out program, how did nutrition play a role, most importantly could, I fit this all into a busy life without constantly feeling deprived.

I learned so much great information on my healthy journey that I want share this information with everyone I know. I am an ACSM certified personal trainer, certified Nutrition Specialist and a certified wellness coach. I earned my BS degree in MA from Bentley College. I am happily married. I enjoy cooking, reading, golf and vacations where I just lay by the pool reading a good book. In my spare time I train to compete and figure and physique competitions. The accomplishment that I am most proud of is being one of the 90 women who qualified to compete in the first amateur event held at the 2007 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic.

Favorite Quote
Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.
–Christian D. Larson


BS Marketing, Bentley University
ACSM certified personal trainer
ACSM certified fitness coach
ACSM certified wellness coach
Nutrition Specialist, Lifestyle Management Associates
CPR/AED certified

Interests and Hobbies
Yoga, Fitness/figure competing, chick lit, skiing, running
Favorite Movie: Any with John Cusak
Favorite Actress: Jennifer Garner, Love her but not a stalker
Favorite Food: Ice Cream
Famous person I would to meet, Jennifer Lancaster, SOOO love her books, she cracks me up!

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