Book Review: Crazy Sexy Diet

I loved the book and believe you will as well. It’s a quick read, a wonderful host of experts that break down the information without big words.

Give it a listen. Once you are done, I’d love to hear your feedback, please leave in the comments below.

 Book Review: Crazy Sexy Diet  Book Review: Crazy Sexy Diet


Next Month book is Cavewomen Don’t Get Fat: The Paleo Chic Diet for Rapid Results Book Review: Crazy Sexy Diet

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I’m So Fly!!

I was introduced to FlyWheel by my good friend Andi, she is a spin junkie.  So.. when I was heading to NYC for the weekend I was pumped that I got to be able attend a class and I was IMG 1190 Im So Fly!! hooked. I left class a sweaty mess. A day later my legs were like yes, you challenged it. It felt good. A few weeks after my trip I heard rumors that FlyWheel Boston was opening and would be close to my house! I headed to a class and it was just as amazing as it was in NYC. My class was with Jessica. She was a lot of fun. She keep reminding us to not focus on what we were unable to do but to be grateful about being able to take a cycle class at 9:30am on a Wednesday morning.

One of things I like about Fly Wheel Boston is the scoreboard, now it’s not on all the time which is nice as I would become a little fixated and not really focus on my ride or form, but it’s flashed just enough so you see if you are challenging yourself.  They also will send you and email post class to give you your results. I love that so I can see that while I’m not the best cyclist in the world, I’m on my way. This journey is me vs me and not me vs the class. I will admit in the back o f my mind it would be nice to be at the top of the leader board. Hmm..

Screen Shot 2013 10 21 at 1.56.34 PM Im So Fly!!






Now I’m not one of those cycle class junkies. I actually really don’t enjoy biking, but I needed to mix things up. FlyWheel Boston is what gives me just that, I’m able to get out of my fitness rut and push myself out of my comfort zone. The times of the classes are at convenient for me and I also like that you can sign up 1 week in advance. I block out my exercise times 1 week in advance and this is perfect. I treat these classes as an appointment I cannot break and in fact, I can’t if I don’t cancel before 5pm the day before my class I lose $$ now that’s an incentive! Screen Shot 2013 10 21 at 1.55.06 PM Im So Fly!! I also like the fact that when I register I can register a friend.


I took a second class this week this week with Melinda.  She was just as motivating and Jessica but she had a humorous edge, which I love. It reminds me not to take myself to seriously when working out.  At the end class we were doing a race and she was encouraging us to break out of our comfort zone and said we should be pedaling so fast that we should be scared that we will pee our Lululemons. Now that’s my kind of humor and yes I did pedal faster and no I didn’t wet my lulus =) If I did pee my Lulus I’m lucky there is a Lululemon in the Prudential Center so I could easily replace.

When you get about 30 min into class you pull out 2 different weight bars and we will do a nice upper body strength training session. Now don’t turn your nose up with you are pulling out 2 pounds and 4 pounds. With the number of reps we do and the static holding.. Boy your upper body feels it.

The bikes have torq and RPM so I like that during class you know where you should be. I LOVE that becasue in the past when I took cycle classes I  never really knew where I should be. With that said, the instructor is reminding that this a range and you should listen to your body.

I almost forgot the best part. They give you cycle shoes. I’ve never in my life worn cycle shoes and I’m still struggling to “clip in” and “clip out” but they made a huge difference in the ride. I had never invested in a pair becasue I was a casual cycler, and really didn’t see the point, well.. now I do… I felt I was able to pedal faster and really climb hills much easier than when I just had on sneakers. They also provide you with self locking lockers — so no need to bring a lock with you. FlyWheel  Boston is so smart there is also a board where you can write you name and locker name in case you forget. I’ll admit I haven’t used this, I play guess the locker game, but I’m sure that will soon wear on my patience. =) There are also nice white fluffy absorbent towels and filter water for the ride of your life.

If you are in the Prudential Center give FlyWheel Boston a try, you will not be disappointed.  My goal is to be there every Monday and Wednesday on my favorite bike which is bike 14. Why bike 14, don’t ask I”m not sure why.



The Fast Diet from the UK — Seriously??

We all want something for nothing. As Mother always use to say — you can’t get something for nothing.  So.. In the UK the their is a book call The Fast Diet.  The jest of the book is you can eat whatever you want, but still lose weight, and even live longer as long as you employ “intermittent fasting.” The book claims that you can eat whatever you want for 5 days and then fast for 2 back to back days having no more than 500 calories for women and 600 calories for men.
In their book, Dr. Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer do a fine job building a case for intermittent fasting as a method for better weight-control, improved health, and even longer life. For example, they review the research produced by nutritionist Krista Varady of University of Illinois at Chicago, who was the principal investigator for UIC’s study evaluating Isagenix products. They also discuss the findings of Dr. Valter Longo and Mark Mattson in rodents that show that calorie restriction and intermittent fasting can potentially protect the brain and increase lifespan.
However, the weight-loss plan has had critics putting up their warning signals and for good reason:

  • Eating whatever you want (and as much as you want) has its consequences. One of the biggest negatives is the diet vs cleansing The Fast Diet from the UK    Seriously??endorsement to eat without restraint for five days of the week. The book does provide readers with some healthy eating guidelines, but with the main attraction being Eat anything you want!, Let’s get real we know how the average person will take that, they will  grossly overeat greasy hamburgers, French fries, and sugary sodas as much as possible! Even two days of intermittent fasting can’t undo a lifetime of eating like that.
  • Another problem is potential muscle loss. During intermittent fasting your body it may cause your body to go into a catabolic  state.  Catabolism is fine for the breakdown of fat, but if calorie-deficient bouts are not followed up with the right type of muscle-building protein in the right amount, the result can be breakdown of muscle. Studies have found that during weight loss, a diet higher in quality protein preserves muscle mass more than a diet higher in carbohydrate (2). Research has also found that protein from dairy, such as whey, may be the superior protein for increased fat loss and muscle retention during weight loss (3).
  • Not getting enough macro nutrients . Americans already eat too much, yet do not receive adequate amounts of macronutrients (vitamins and minerals) from their foods for optimal health. Mainly, this is because too many people don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables or may not know how to properly choose foods for adequate amounts of macronutrients. Even those who think they know what foods to eat in combination for better health haven’t fared well in achieving weight loss and improved health. One study compared weight loss groups consuming either fresh, healthy foods for the majority of their diet or nutrient-rich meal replacement shakes and found that meal replacement shakes resulted in more weight loss, better improvement to health biomarkers, and better adherence based on the convenience of the shakes (4).

So, how can you take advantage of the benefits of intermittent fasting without the drawbacks of the Fasting Diet approach that include eating too much, losing muscle, and not getting enough vitamins and minerals? Look to Isagenix for the perfect program that takes the guesswork out of intermittent fasting and how to do it right.

What you get with Isagenix is intermittent fasting fully prepped for as Cleanse Days, which are part of a fully guided system that won’t leave you eating everything in sight one day followed by wanting to eat your arm off the next. An Isagenix system means moderate calorie control on Shake Days and appropriate fasting with nutritional support on Cleanse Days.

The Isagenix system, unlike The Fast Diet, is also backed by clinical data showing that it leads to healthy weight loss, fat loss (without the muscle loss, especially if exercise is included), and better cardiovascular health. The end result is curbed food cravings, successful weight loss and maintenance, preservation of muscle mass, and finally, a long-term lifestyle that will get you healthier than ever before.

What to learn more about the power of cleansing? Read more here.


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Skinny Bitch

I just started reading the book Skinny Bitch based on my friend from the gym’s recommendation.  She said it had so funny moments that it was very in your face direct and I like books like that. I am about 1/2 through the book and it has stirred up some mixed emotions for me.

Points I agree with:

  • some women are sick and tried of being fat
  • there is no such thing as diet, its a way of life
  • stop eating sh#%t
  • Junk food, even fat free, sugar free is a chemical sh&%t storm
  • you are what you eat
  • fats are good for you (in moderation of course)

Points I have trouble with:

  • Vegan-ism
  • Everything organic — can be a little tough on your wallet if you are feeding a family

Eye opening points:

  • Animal cruelty in slaughter houses
  • Slaughter houses in general

I’ll let you know how it ends.