I’m So Fly!!

I was introduced to FlyWheel by my good friend Andi, she is a spin junkie.  So.. when I was heading to NYC for the weekend I was pumped that I got to be able attend a class and I was IMG 1190 Im So Fly!! hooked. I left class a sweaty mess. A day later my legs were like yes, you challenged it. It felt good. A few weeks after my trip I heard rumors that FlyWheel Boston was opening and would be close to my house! I headed to a class and it was just as amazing as it was in NYC. My class was with Jessica. She was a lot of fun. She keep reminding us to not focus on what we were unable to do but to be grateful about being able to take a cycle class at 9:30am on a Wednesday morning.

One of things I like about Fly Wheel Boston is the scoreboard, now it’s not on all the time which is nice as I would become a little fixated and not really focus on my ride or form, but it’s flashed just enough so you see if you are challenging yourself.  They also will send you and email post class to give you your results. I love that so I can see that while I’m not the best cyclist in the world, I’m on my way. This journey is me vs me and not me vs the class. I will admit in the back o f my mind it would be nice to be at the top of the leader board. Hmm..

Screen Shot 2013 10 21 at 1.56.34 PM Im So Fly!!






Now I’m not one of those cycle class junkies. I actually really don’t enjoy biking, but I needed to mix things up. FlyWheel Boston is what gives me just that, I’m able to get out of my fitness rut and push myself out of my comfort zone. The times of the classes are at convenient for me and I also like that you can sign up 1 week in advance. I block out my exercise times 1 week in advance and this is perfect. I treat these classes as an appointment I cannot break and in fact, I can’t if I don’t cancel before 5pm the day before my class I lose $$ now that’s an incentive! Screen Shot 2013 10 21 at 1.55.06 PM Im So Fly!! I also like the fact that when I register I can register a friend.


I took a second class this week this week with Melinda.  She was just as motivating and Jessica but she had a humorous edge, which I love. It reminds me not to take myself to seriously when working out.  At the end class we were doing a race and she was encouraging us to break out of our comfort zone and said we should be pedaling so fast that we should be scared that we will pee our Lululemons. Now that’s my kind of humor and yes I did pedal faster and no I didn’t wet my lulus =) If I did pee my Lulus I’m lucky there is a Lululemon in the Prudential Center so I could easily replace.

When you get about 30 min into class you pull out 2 different weight bars and we will do a nice upper body strength training session. Now don’t turn your nose up with you are pulling out 2 pounds and 4 pounds. With the number of reps we do and the static holding.. Boy your upper body feels it.

The bikes have torq and RPM so I like that during class you know where you should be. I LOVE that becasue in the past when I took cycle classes I  never really knew where I should be. With that said, the instructor is reminding that this a range and you should listen to your body.

I almost forgot the best part. They give you cycle shoes. I’ve never in my life worn cycle shoes and I’m still struggling to “clip in” and “clip out” but they made a huge difference in the ride. I had never invested in a pair becasue I was a casual cycler, and really didn’t see the point, well.. now I do… I felt I was able to pedal faster and really climb hills much easier than when I just had on sneakers. They also provide you with self locking lockers — so no need to bring a lock with you. FlyWheel  Boston is so smart there is also a board where you can write you name and locker name in case you forget. I’ll admit I haven’t used this, I play guess the locker game, but I’m sure that will soon wear on my patience. =) There are also nice white fluffy absorbent towels and filter water for the ride of your life.

If you are in the Prudential Center give FlyWheel Boston a try, you will not be disappointed.  My goal is to be there every Monday and Wednesday on my favorite bike which is bike 14. Why bike 14, don’t ask I”m not sure why.



[Day 6] I’m A Sweaty Mess!

IMG 0213 [Day 6] Im A Sweaty Mess! Yesterday was all about strength training. I’ll admit it. I LOVE LIFTING. Cardio not so much. I get bored easily. Where I know some of you would rather run your heart out, I’d rather lift. I know I need to do cardio as it’s good for my heart and sadly as I age I need to do it to help me burn off the fat in addition to the lifting.

Now some of you are cardio queens and will do cardio for a hours on end. I’m sorry to bust your bubble but if you desire to get shredded, ripped or etc. You got to limit your time on cardio. Here are some tips to follow:

  1. Your cardio should be limited to 30-35 minutes. You should only be doing cardio 3-5 days/week
  2. Do intervals — I mean you go hard for a certain period and then you recover and then go hard (I’ve attached an interval)
  3. Make sure you are sweating
  4. You should at some point feel uncomfortable
  5. Reading a magazine or book should be difficult unless you are looking at the pictures
  6. When you hop on cardio be sure to mix up the machines as well as the programs on said machines.

Today’s challenge

    1. If you are a cardio queen yes there is a definition in the urban dictionary. Scale back your cardio to 30-35 min.
    2. If you hate  I mean dislike cardio then you will hop on for 30 min at least 3 times this week. Something I’ve been doing recently that really helps me to get through cardio is I’ve been doing finisher and then hoping on the treadmill and walking on an incline. I put the incline at 10 and the speed at fast enough that I can walk but running would be easier.
    3. Below is a cardio workout for you to try.

Do the following circuit as many times as possible in 3 minutes. Rest only when needed:

Speed Skaters (5/side)
Mountain Climbers (10)
Burpees (5)

*Record below how many circuits

High Knees-30 sec
T-Pushup Pushup- 30 sec
Prisoner Squat- 30 sec
* Record below how many circuits

My cardio queens I haven’t forgot about you. Here is cardio rehab for you.
Hop on an elliptical.  Warm up 5 min
Incline 9

We are working a ladder we are going up and if you are feeling strong you will come down.
30 sec hard don’t 160 strides/min
30 sec easy recover
60 sec hard don’t go below 160 strides/min
30 sec easy recover
2 min hard
1 min easy
3 min hard
2 min easy
4 min hard
3 min easy
now.. if you are feeling it go back down the ladder
4 min hard
3 min easy
3 min hard
2 min easy
2 min hard
1 min easy
1 min hard
30 easy
5 min cool down


Don’t forget Leave a comment below. Write a facebook post on the Fabulous Fit Squad. If you have a personal blog, write a blog post. Make sure you link back to the site so we can cheer you on and hold you accountable.

Just joining now?? Don’t worry you can catch up.
Day 1 — Intro the challenge
Day 2 — Getting your mind straight
Day 3 — Goal setting
Day 4 — What’s on your plate
Day 5 — Lift

Stay tuned.. tomorrow I will talk about treat meals.

Get Off The Treadmill

I’m really fortunate that the people who read my site have two things in treadmill 200x300 Get Off The Treadmillcommon:

  • a passion to lead a healthy lifestyle
  • goal(s) that they are striving to achieve

One of things I hope that I can provide to my readers as well as my clients is prescriptive guidance to help them achieve their goals. One of their main question is cardio?

I live in Boston right next to the Charles River as soon as the snow melts the runners, joggers and walkers come out in droves.  Do you know why they run — I mean at least 85% of them, come on you the answer, think about it!! That’s right its to LOSE WEIGHT!

Running is cardio right, running is hard for me so it must be good for me, running will help me lose weight, right.  Well…. Long distance running is the worst thing for weight loss.


Most of you run because you’ve seen pictures of elite runners who are lean and mean and want to get the physique or you have a friend who has the physique that you want and you ask hey what are you doing and then they say or I just run x number of miles a day. You think to yourself — running that’s easy I’ll lace up and get moving.

I’m here to tell you unless you competing in an endurance event, running will not give you that lean toned physique. I’m sorry to report that continuous long slow steady state cardio just doesn’t get the metabolism fired up the way a strength training session coupled with interval training does.  Did know that interval training is 9xs more effective than steady state cardio? Getting your metabolism fired up is EXACTLY what is needed to get that lean and toned physique. Intervals keep your body guessing and stops it from going on autopilot.

Long slow steady state cardio does just that, it puts the body on autopilot. Your body knows exactly what to expect, how much effort to give you and therefore only gives you what you need. I’m not saying these workouts won’t be hard, but your body doesn’t have to give you as much. What’s even worse as you build up your mileage you begin to burn more fat, but guess what your body adapts to help you become more efficient at running so it begins to “store more fat”!  Yup — you heard that right.  Don’t believe me take a look at any finish line of any race; you’ll see far more average Joe physiques than you’ll see Kara Goucher physiques. They’ll be a few Kara Goucher’s, but I’ll let you in on little secret they looked like that before they started running.

You can’t run to get fit; you need to be fit to run.” – Diane Lee, Canadian Physical Therapist

When you are training for a long distance endurance race your body is recruiting different muscles to make sure that you are efficient at running.  When you are training to change your body composition you are looking to make your body’s efficient at strength training. Training for both throws your body into tug of war.  As you get more efficient at running you may experience that your fat stores tend overtake your muscle stores. Most people experience loss of muscularity in their quads and then in their tushies. Now depending on where you hold your weight, you may also experience fat gains around your mid-section.

I don’t say this to discourage your fitness goals. I tell you this so that you can make informed choices.

Need more proof – here are a few studies.

  • J Clin Endocrinol Metab. Jan 2
    Effect of calorie restriction with or without exercise on body composition and fat distribution.
    This is a six month study. Aerobic training group performed 50 minutes of aerobics 5 times a week for the entire duration. Results:  No additional effects of aerobic exercise on weight or body fat levels.
  • Obesity 2007 June – 15:1496-1512.
    Exercise Effect on Weight and Body Fat in Men and Women.
  • McTiernan et al
    For 1 year they had a test group do six hours of steady state cardio for 60 min, six days per week. In one year, the group lost 3 lbs.
  • According to a British study, levels of Human Growth Hormone, which assists in building muscle and burning fat, skyrocketed 530% in subjects after just thirty seconds of sprinting as fast as they could on a stationary bike.

I would love to hear your thoughts leave me some comments below.

There Are No Food Mulligan’s!

For those of you who don’t play golf,golf club 291x300 There Are No Food Mulligans! a mulligan is a do over. You hit a bad shot and then you get to do it over again.  Well here we are coming off a long weekend filled with fun activities that may have included lots of food and alcohol.

You wake up today look in the mirror reflect on your weekend. You say to yourself,  I’m going to the gym and hit the weights the little harder, do a little more cardio or skip a meal or to to make up for all this past weekend’s bad behavior.

Do you think it will help?  Sorry to inform you, but no. I tell my clients that you need to live the 80/20 rule. Eat cleanly 80% of the time and have some treats 20% of the time.  If you go over that limit then there is no make-up.  You need to step up and take responsibility for your actions. If you eat you own it!

The lesson is before you eat or drink it. Think about it. Are your actions moving you toward your goals or away from you goals.



Chocolate Does A Body Good!

That’s right, drinking chocolate milk after a HARD work out will aid in helping chocolate milk 300x299 Chocolate Does A Body Good!your muscles recover. Now let me reiterate HARD workout, if you just went a did a light workout and didn’t break a sweat, you won’t need a post workout recovery.  But if you did come back from a long bike ride, run or hike chocolate milk will help you recover better than some of those other high beverages. Why??

  • Plain water just replaces the water you sweat out during your workout
  • Carbohydrate laden beverages just builds and replaces your glycogen (stored muscle carbs)
  • Carbohydrates and Protein combination not only replaces the glycogen but studies have that you see a double % increase in glycogen, plus the protein also helps your muscles to recover and repair.

I am a big advocate of using whole foods, but for post workouts chocolate milk will do the trick.  Just remember you need to be in a hard workout to earn the chocolate. In honor of National Chocolate Milk Day go out for a hard workout and enjoy!!

Are U A Cardio Queen?

Not it…. I am roughly 5 weeks out from a NE Classic. Here is where the dollar values double. Eat clean, lift heavy, do your cardio or GO HOME. Everything counts! My cardio has gone from 45 min to 60 minutes 6x/week. I have a confession. I HATE CARDIO. Yes, I hate it. I know that their are many pros and cons to cardio, but its the best way I know to lean out of a show. I can strength train all day long, but ask me to do cardio longer than 30 minutes the excuse monster comes up with some real doozies.  Being on a piece of a equipment for 60 minutes makes me kooky. But it has to be done.  Here’s my plan. I play a ton of mind games.

  • The first game I play is splitting it up.
    • 30 minutes in the AM and 30 minutes at night.
  • I machine hop, if I’m at the gym at all off peak time
    • 20 min of running intervals
    • 20 min step mill (love this machine)
    • 20 min elliptical
  • I watch TV, give me a MTV marathon or VH1 decade count down and I’m hooked (see why I stink)
  • I will do metabolic circuits where I swing a kettlebell for 1 minute and then jump rope for 1 min and rest for 1 minute [Read more...]

But its 19 degrees out?

Most people think because you are a personal trainer you are super human… UMMM NO.

winter running.larger But its 19 degrees out?

image fitsugar

We have those days when we don’t want to work out and sometimes even when we set a fitness goal and get in the middle of training we say to ourselves, what did I sign myself up for.

That is me right now. Literally I signed up to the Miami half marathon. (I am registered, have a non-refundable plane ticket and hotel) Just 6 short weeks ago I thought it would be a fun challenge and keep me motivated through the holidays. WELP.. not so much. Today’s 19 degrees with a wind chill of 4 and I had to do 4 miles. Go ahead and call me a wimp, but this kid wasn’t going outside. So.. instead I decided I could suck it up and run on the treadmill for 4 miles how hard go it be.  In a word FREAK’N HARD!!!

Well.. even though the Jessica Simpson E True Hollywood story was on I still felt like a Gerbil on a wheel  so…4 treadmills, yes 4 treadmills every mile I moved one, because I was BORED out of mind and thought that would help not so much. This weekend I have to do 8 miles.. I really need to check the forecast… there is NO WAY I can do it on the treadmill.

So here I am 7 weeks away and wondering seriously who do I think I am. Should I be running a half  marathon?

Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

As I train for the Miami half marathon a good friend of mine and an amazing marathon coach, John Furey has told me the secret to running an injury free marathon is cross training and intervals.

I know interval training has been around for awhile and people have been doing them, but are you really getting out of your comfort Exertion 186x300 Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zonezone! Really pushing yourself to that 9-10, when you push yourself to the limit. So.. why do we do it.  Interval training helps:

  • boost performance, by making the heart become more efficient at pumping blood
  • helping increasing our tolerance for lactic acid burn
  • we can increase our intensity in a short amount of time without risk of burning out or injury
  • most importantly we BURN MORE FAT!!!!  You read correctly… We burn more fat!!!

So I have know this for years, but have I really pushed myself to the 9-10 zone!!! Honestly speaking I think I have been hanging out in the 7-8 zone. So I have been cheating myself of all of the benefits. Okay let me be honest the benefit I really want is FAT BURNING. Okay I’m training for a half marathon, I’d like to be able to be able to cross the finish line on my own 2 feet and not be dragging ass! So.. interval training will be my friend 2x/week until January 31st.
Now my interval will be a combination of cardio machines and metabolic circuits using only my bodyweight and light weights.  If you have bodyweight circuit that you would like to share tell me about it, just write below in the comments

Ring My Bell

You seen them on infomercials or maybe at the gym.  It called a kettlebell and it has been around since the 1800s and now the great training program is getting a major resurgence.  Okay enough history, what does it do for me? Well the kettlebell combines FAT BURNING and STRENGTH training.  You heard me.  Cardio and lifting in one!!!!

There is a little bit of a learning curve and you can do it at home!!

For a quick workout, I do 10 rounds of:

  • 10 double handed swings
  • 10 single handed swings
  • Jump rope for 1 min

Take a 30 second break

Get Oscar Ready

 Get Oscar Ready

Okay maybe you aren’t up for an Oscar or maybe you may never be, but we all have our events that we need to be Oscar ready for.  When I’m getting ready for a fitness show I rely heavily on itrain to give me the extra boost and motivation and I need to get them through a workout. My favorite one is itread #13 — sprinting is awesome and a bootie kicker.