No Food Should Hold You Hostage!

When we were kids, we all did the hokey pokey, (please tell me you are smiling, nodding, some sort of recognition to what I’m talking about) you put your right hand in and avoid food cravings No Food Should Hold You Hostage! then your right hand out, you did the hokey pokey and turn yourself around that’s what’s it’s all about… You get what I’m putting down.

Now many of you play that same game with fitness and nutrition. You’re eating great and then you’re eating crap, your turn yourself around and complain about results and you start the cycle all over again. Sound familiar? Your diet and workouts are spot on during the and then that Friday whistle blows and you’re like a kid on summer vacation. It may start of innocently at drink after work, maybe a little extra something at dinner and then the same thing happens like ALL day Saturday and then by Sunday night you having the mental slug fest saying how you could you blow it like that and that this week things will be DIFFERENT you swear on a stack of bibles.

You are not alone, we have all played those food and workout games. My goal when I work with all my clients is to get them to a point where this become automatic. Where being consistent is something that just happens, you’re not stressed about food and no food holds your hostage. You can attend any event, travel, etc and not go off the deep end.

It’s all about consistency and planning.  Many of you believe in this all or nothing approach, sorry that’s asking for you to fail. We all have events and things in our lives where we want to enjoy and we all go around once. We should enjoy all that life has to offer (with moderation). What I mean by this, is think of your life as 90/10. If I’m 90% compliant with my food and workouts then I get to have treats, if I’m not at 90% then you guessed it, I don’t get my treats. So.. I don’t know about you a push really hard to get to 90%!

So how does that work? Each week I sit down and map out my workouts. I also look at what social activities that I have on the calendar. My goal most weeks is to workout 5  times at least 30 minutes. To earn my treat meal, I need to workout a minimum of 4 times during the week AND I need to eat clean and not skip meals 90% the time so.. I eat 35 meals in one week (I eat 5 meals?day) So that means 32 meals need to be on plan.  Does this make sense?

Here is an example

Monday — Workout
Tuesday — Workout
Wednesday – Workout  — skipped got busy couldn’t make it
Thursday — rest day
Friday  — Workout — felt tired didn’t go Saturday and Sunday Worked

Guess what — TREAT!!!!!

Now — that’s one piece of the puzzle!
Eating — I know a collective eye roll

Monday – 5 meals Tuesday — 4 meals (subbed a class and skipped lunch)
Wednesday — 5 meals
Thursday — 5 meals — Paradise cookie (couldn’t resist)
Friday — 3 meals (got busy)
Saturday — 5 meals
Sunday — 5 meals
Just squeaked it out!!!  TREAT!!!

Does this now make a little more sense?
My methods are for those who want to lose weight fast. They are for those we want a lasting healthy lifestyle. So.. you can dive you and track compliance on both front (food and workouts) OR pick the on that is the most challenging for you.

I would love your feedback, if you have another idea as to how to say on pace.




Book Review: Crazy Sexy Diet

I loved the book and believe you will as well. It’s a quick read, a wonderful host of experts that break down the information without big words.

Give it a listen. Once you are done, I’d love to hear your feedback, please leave in the comments below.

 Book Review: Crazy Sexy Diet  Book Review: Crazy Sexy Diet


Next Month book is Cavewomen Don’t Get Fat: The Paleo Chic Diet for Rapid Results Book Review: Crazy Sexy Diet

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My Fitness Hero

In 2001, my husband, Philip, and I were busy professionals. We both worked 60+ hours week an My Fitness Hero d we were eating at whatever place would deliver or was on our way home. Does that sounds familiar?  That October we got married; I wanted to make sure my husband and I lived a nice long life of marital bliss. Instead of giving each other Christmas presents that year I suggested we give each other personal trainer.

In January of 2002 we started working with a personal trainer. This man rocked and turned our world upside down. We worked out with him for four months and he helped us shed a total of 80 combined pounds.He also taught us the importance of having fitness goals as well as the role the nutrition plays.  Good bye take out!

Since that initial meeting with the trainer, Philip, my husband, has really embraced fitness. He has run in a three Falmouth (7.1 miles) road races, competed in two obstacles courses and ran the Miami half marathon.

If that wasn’t enough, what makes Philip my fitness hero is three years ago he decided to compete in his first triathlon. We have been together almost 20 years and I’ve never seen him swim so I was like way to go! We get to Miami and the water was very rocky and he was a little freaked out, but instead throwing in the towel. He changed his goal to just getting out of the water alive.  Not a bad goal =) I’m proud to report, he did make it out of the water alive and has completed two tri’s. He is currently training for another one the first week of April. He uses this early spring tri as a way to help manage the winter weight gain and keep him busy since there’s no football and golf season is months away.

Over the years, Philip’s doctor has been very supportive of his training regime as it keeps his blood work looking good, his blood pressure and weight down. In fact, Philip is the only member of his family that isn’t taking a medication to manage his blood pressure.

I loved that our initial meetings with a trainer has set up us for a fitness lifestyle. For more than twelve years Philip has remained active. He’s always looking and willing to try new things to do and ways to stay fit inside and outside of the gym.

We all know it’s move it or lose it. He plans to stay active well into his golden years.


Are You A Poser?

In my fitness career I’ve found that there are three types of fitness folks.  Are You A Poser?

  • Seekers: In constant search of the “diet plan” “workout” “coach” “super food” etc. that will help them to achieve their goals. When “the something” doesn’t give them fast weight loss or a quick fix, they give up immediately and declare it a failure.
  • Poser: They say all the right things, buy the right stuff, wear the right clothes, belong to the right groups, talks the talk but kinda walks the walk.
  • Doers: These are the folks that put their blood, sweat and tears into making their goals come true. You get up before the sun rises, go to the gym when they don’t feel it and make the most of their workouts.

You ask the question, how can you transition? Or can you transition? Yes, you can!!

  1. Set your intention. Get clear about what you want!!!
  2. Take an inventory. See how things the way they are. I’m not saying project stuff onto yourself. Talk a good hard look in the mirror and say where you are. Think of it like this. If you were looking at your bank account, you wouldn’t exaggerate your bank balance. That’s what I want you to do with your health.
  3. Now ponder what it would be if you have your ideal/best health or fitness level. Give yourself the opportunity to dream, what it would be like for you. Is it mean or this is where the song “Dreamweaver” comes on.
  4. ACTION – take a look at your dream/vision and pick 2 things that you can do TODAY to move toward that vision.  Once you have those 2 things and STICK with it for 30 days.

The goal of this blog post wasn’t to make any one feel ashamed. It was something for you to think about, and put wonder in your mind about what it would be like to GO FOR IT!
I really think that everyone has something inside of them that holds him or her back from their goals. I know how good it feels to hit my goals and I want everyone to feel that want. I want you to give yourself “permission” to feel great and look fabulous.
How many of you are ready to feel great and look fabulous. I would love to hear what 2 things you are going to work on for the next 30 days, please leave me a comment?

Smash The Scale!

 Smash The Scale! You are successful in all areas of your life except this. You step on the scale it makes or breaks your day! It’s time to end this vicious cycle and finally break up with the scale. Let’s enter spring with a new attitude, just as the seasons change so can you. This year, will be the year, you won’t dread putting on your spring clothes, being photographer or even looking in the mirror. I’m want to help 10 women — change their attitude and SMASH THE SCALE!

This program includes:

  • Nutrition program — including a organic, natural supplement line of products.
  • Workout program
  • Unlimited email support
  • Private Facebook group monitor by several health and fitness experts including myself

Ready to get started give me a email me and we’ll get you started. I’m excited to work with you!!

We Have To Start Somewhere!

I have always been interested in fitness, but my fitness journey really started in January 2002. My husband and I had just gotten married and he’s family has a history or hea We Have To Start Somewhere!rt disease and high blood pressure. I told him I didn’t want him to die on me, so we going to give each other a personal training for Christmas.

Enter Mike D. This man CHANGED the trajectory of my life. We met with him every Saturday at 7am for 6 months. During that time I lost 25 pounds and my husband lost 40 pounds.  From the first meeting with Mike, Philip (my husband) and I were ALL IN! That day we went home and throw out all the crap and the “healthy” crap.

Boy, was it a wake up call to lose my cheese and crackers and my pasta. I thought I’d miss it but looking back I had to go cold turkey.

During this time the gym had a weight loss contest. It was based on body comp change and I won.  It was at this time Mike who was a former bodybuilder suggested I think about competing. At this time, I had NO CLUE about competing. I didn’t even know what it was all about. He told me go buy an Oxygen magazine and get back to him.  I flipped through and thought this is not for me. I’m was not a “girlie” girl.

17weeks We Have To Start Somewhere!

17 weeks later

beforeandafter.jpeg We Have To Start Somewhere!


Fast forward 2004, the Red Sox win their first world series. My motto became if the Red Sox can win a World Series anything is possible. I sought out a competition coach and I competed for 9 years.

During this time, what was a hobby turned into a full blown passion. I wanted to be the Mike D. for other people.

You can only imagine what it feels like when you are able to set a goal that you thought was impossible and achieve it.

I wanted to help others feel the same way that I did. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing others achieve their goals.

I started part time in fitness in 2006 and made the transition to full time fitness in 2010.

I can’t imagine my life without fitness and I hope that I can inspire my clients that we Mike inspired me.

Do you have a fitness story? I’d love to hear about your journey. Leave me a comment below.

MG 9115 We Have To Start Somewhere!

Be That Power Girl!

I often here from clients that when go to social events, they feel left out or they just don’t go. If they do go, they are the girl in the corner with duck tape of their mouths and handcuffed to a chair so that they won’t go over board with treats and booze.

Do you really want to give a cookie or a glass a wine all that power??

Why not be “That Girl” who can attend social events and know that you can enjoy yourself, but not lose it. Give yourself permission to enjoy social events. Go there with the intention of enjoying other people’s company. Have protein and veggies. Eat before you go.

Us, girls of a certain age, we don’t have many spontaneous things that come up. So.. we know when we will be attending events, so plan for it in your week. During the week enjoy your healthy lifestyle (workout out and eat on track) and then know that you are going to an event that you will enjoy yourself with moderation.

I know this sounds weird, but I have a 2 bite rule. If I don’t like it in 2 bites, I toss it. No.. it’s not wasting food, it’s helping me to stay on track.  I’ve long given up on being a member of the clean your plate club.

Leave a comment below to let me know how you will enjoy your next social event.

Need more assistance? Read my ebook about crushing your cravings.


Are You A Martha Or An Oprah?

This week I started reading the Jen Lancaster book, The Tao of Martha. Jen is an awesome funny writer, She says the stuff out loud that you think in your head. LOVE her  Are You A Martha Or An Oprah?biting humor.  In this book she was going to spend the year living like Martha Stewart, minus the gathering eggs from her hen house outback. BTW..I do have a number of friends who raise chickens and let’s just I’m in awe and shock. Well in the book she talks about Martha people and Oprah people.

Oprah people all about living their best life. Creating vision boards and affirmations and so forth.

Martha people are able organization and good things. You churn your own milk.

So I ask what kind of person are you?

If I were to be honest with myself I’m more of Oprah kind of person. I have made vision boards and I have my goals posted all over the house.  I’m all about living your best life. But my husband would prefer if I was a little like Martha. We often joke that we need a wife — someone who can help us to keep the house tidy, cook, do and fold our laundry, go to grocery store. If we were in the Brady Bunch times, we need an Alice — she doesn’t need to live here or where a uniform.

After reading this book, I’m thinking to myself, why not give it a shot too.

This year my plan is to be a little bit of a hybrid.

  •  Are You A Martha Or An Oprah?I want to clean my home of clutter and keep it that way for more than 1 week LOL
  • I want to file my bills on a monthly basis versus pile them on my counter until it falls over
  • Find ways to better manage my email
  • Meditate on a regular basis
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway

How about you, what are you? Are you an Oprah or a Martha or a hybrid? In one of my blog posts, I give you 29 healthy habits to start. Could you start 1 habit one week? Imagine where you would be in 1/2 a year?  Would you be able to blog about it ? Write a weekly post on Facebook. Think of that movie Julia and Julia. A women spent 1 year trying to cook all of Julia Child’s recipes, it was also made into a movie with Amy Adams and Meryl Streep. Churning your own milk is optional =)

Leave me a comment below. Letting me know what camp do you live in.



7 Ways To Boost Your Immune System

They say you never truly appreciate the value of a well-functioning machine until it breaks down. So it goes for your immune system. Its complex  7 Ways To Boost Your Immune System network of cells, tissues, and organs protect your body on a daily basis from bacteria, microbes, viruses, and toxins. But if compromised, as when under attack by pathogens or lacking supporting nutrients, the system can become overwhelmed and fail to accomplish the tasks to keep you healthy.

During the winter months, your body’s immune system is presented with greater challenges when germs are quickly spread from person to person. The standard advice from your doctor is to wash your hands regularly, get a flu shot, and avoid unnecessary contact with those who may be sick. Okay for those of who work with the general public and this is really hard.

For most of in the fitness industry, we know that one of the best ways to stay healthy is to have a balanced diet. While no nutritional product or supplement can ever prevent you from having allergies, catching a cold or flu, or treat those illnesses or symptoms once you get them,  it’s critical that you feed the immune system the proper nutrients for it to function optimally.

A balanced diet should provide you with all the sustenance your body needs. But studies continue to show that most diets lack vitamins and minerals, such as zinc and vitamin C, which play a special role in our bodies’ immune systems. Special ingredients within food and in supplements also can help your body in its fight against foreign invaders while protecting against their harm. The following seven nutrients and bioactives support your immune system through a variety of ways:

  1. Zinc, in particular, is a mineral that plays an important role in the function and development of immune cells, specifically, T-cells.  Zinc has also been shown to maintain reserves to guard against a compromised immune system.
  2. Vitamin D affects nearly all your body’s cells, including those in the immune system. During the winter months, however, levels tend to drop in most people (depending on latitude) because the days are shorter. Vitamin D plays a key role in balancing immune response (8).
  3. Vitamin C is closely tied to the immune system. We can’t produce vitamin C. Instead, we need to rely on the foods we consume such as kiwi, bell peppers, and citrus fruits. Scientists are speaking up about the suboptimal recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamin C, saying that it should be increased to 200 milligrams per day to ensure tissue and cell saturation and promote better overall long-term health (9). This is more than double the current recommendation of 75 milligrams per day for women and 90 milligrams per day for men. Researchers argue that the current RDA levels are based on the prevention of vitamin C deficiency or the disease, scurvy. I’d love to hear if anyone has had a client that’s had scurvy or even rickets.
  4. Echinacea this plant’s roots and leaves have been used for centuries by Native Americans for their medicinal qualities. Randomized controlled studies support Echinacea’s beneficial effect on the immune system (13-15).
  5. Reishi Mushroom (pronounced Ray-She) is commonly consumed in Japan as either a tea or powder and reputed to increase youthful vigor and vitality. Multiple studies have also shown that Reishi mushroom supports the function of the immune system and benefits overall health. What’s more, multiple studies suggest the immunomodulatory effects of reishi mushroom and overall health benefits (15-19).
  6. A good melatonin supplement can help guard against lack of sleep and poor sleep, helping to keep your immune system functioning nicely. Getting adequate sleep is probably the most important habit to support the immune system. Without proper sleep, the immune system is one of the first things to suffer. A number of the genes affected by sleep deprivation included several genes involved in immune system response.

Proactive Measures with Isagenix

When it comes to the immune system, it’s much more effective to be proactive rather than reactive, meaning you should be supporting the immune system every day rather than stepping up care once you are already sick. A healthy diet, along with daily supplementation with Ageless Essentials Daily Pack—containing zinc, and vitamins C and D—can keep your immune system properly nourished daily. Isamune Plus—containing zinc gluconate, colostrum, echinacea, and reishi mushroom—is a convenient spray that can be used daily to bolster defenses. In addition, Isagenix Sleep Support spray provides convenience in a quality melatonin supplement to make getting enough sleep easier nightly. Feel confident that you are protected with the best immune system support with Isagenix this winter. Want to play an order? Let me know.


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{Day 30} Let’s Check Ourselves Before We Wreck Ourselves

Okay — that’s a old school Dr. Dre song, but I love it none the less! We are 30 days into our challenge we have 1 more day and I  {Day 30} Lets Check Ourselves Before We Wreck Ourselves want to do another check in to see where you are now!!

Are you stuck in a rut or are you like Stella and you’ve found your groove! Here’s a quick test.

You’ve found your groove if you:

  • Feel awesome after a workout
  • started to feel less stressed
  • have seen your mood has improved
  • don’t stress about what to eat
  • don’t stress about your workouts
  • head to the gym instead of the couch and you no longer think its a chore (okay sometimes it is, but you know you’ll feel better)
  • are motivated to hit your goals
  • completed more than 50% of this challenge and determined to finish the rest of it

Somebody reboot me please if you:

  • struggling to reach your goals
  • working hard and not seeing any results
  • are feeling unmotivated
  • been focused on the same goals for a while and unable to get started
  • feel like crap for hours or days after a workout
  • feel guilty for missing workouts or not eating cleanly
  • hit a plateau and have been stuck for a while

If you’ve got your groove — rock on and good luck to you!!! If you need a reboot, let’s discuss how restart. The best thing about this challenge is that you can do it over and over again. I recommend starting from day 1 and taking it day by day. Don’t beat yourself up. We all have things that come up in our lives that may have prevented you from doing this challenge daily, but we just need to keep plugging away.  Do you need some accountability? Do you need a more formal program? That’s where wellness coaching can come in handy.  I will nudge you to explore what is most important to you right now, we’ll talk through your challenges and work to navigate obstacles so that you meet your health and fitness goals quicker and have the confidence that you will succeed.  To learn more about my programs, click here. 

Today’s Assignment

Where are you?? Be honest — do you need to reboot are you charging ahead full blast!!!

Don’t forget Leave a comment below. Write a facebook post on the Fabulous Fit Squad. If you have a personal blog, write a blog post. Make sure you link back to the site so we can cheer you on and hold you accountable.

Just joining now?? Don’t worry you can catch up.
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