Are Accountability Partners Worth It?

 Are Accountability Partners Worth It?Are they really worth it or do these sessions turn into friendly chats where nothing is ever achieved?

This is going to depend on your purpose for getting an accountability partner in the first place. It will also depend on just how serious YOU are about achieving your weekly or monthly goals. Any meeting can turn into a friendly chit-chat if you allow it.

My advice to you is before connecting with an accountability partner determine what your goals and desires are for wanting to work with one. Do you really want to be held accountable for your actions?

Once you have set your goals for wanting an accountability partner your next step is finding one. Many online forums and communities have special sections for connecting with potential accountability partners. Take a look at those forums which you visit frequently and see if they have one. You could also post on your social media wall that you are looking for one. One of your friends maybe looking for the same exact thing.

Do you know anyone else that uses an accountability partner?  Why not ask them where they found theirs?

This is definitely not something that you want to rush into. It is important to find the right person so that you will both benefit from your meetings. Write out a list of qualities or traits that you are looking for. Do you want a person who is of the same gender and age as you. What about time zones? Is connecting with someone on a totally different continent going to work?

Use Skype or Facebook chat to connect with possible partners and get to know them. You don’t want to make a rash decision and you do want to get along with the person as well. Take your time to find the right person.

Remember, that you are being accountable to each other. This means that you both need to be able to take criticism and feedback from each other. Quite often it is much easier to be the one offering feedback than to be on the receiving end. You need to take the good with the bad. It’s those tough decisions that will help you grow and reach your goals.

You shouldn’t be a be afraid of of missing a goal, but be open and willing to have the discussion about why you missed it.  A family emergency may have come up or maybe you don’t know why you missed your goal. Actually this can be a good thing and a benefit to having an accountability partner.

If you are in the habit of missing deadlines it is possible that a person looking in from the outside can see things that you are missing. This could just be that your workload is so heavy that you don’t have the time to get anything new. Or they may see that you spend way too much time on Facebook or your not pushing yourself enough. Remember what I said someone to call you on your “stuff”. Here is where the rubber will meet the road.

Once any problem areas have been identified it is up to you to take action and remedy them. This is all part of working together as accountability partners. No one is the judge, in fact, you are both just trying to help each other set and meet goals on a regular basis. It’s really nice to have someone to brainstorm your challenges will because they can share a completely different perspective to the situation.

Many business people have connected with accountability partners and have a business relationship that has lasted decades. There is no reason why this couldn’t turn into a similar experience for you and your new accountability partner.


Are You A Martha Or An Oprah?

This week I started reading the Jen Lancaster book, The Tao of Martha. Jen is an awesome funny writer, She says the stuff out loud that you think in your head. LOVE her  Are You A Martha Or An Oprah?biting humor.  In this book she was going to spend the year living like Martha Stewart, minus the gathering eggs from her hen house outback. BTW..I do have a number of friends who raise chickens and let’s just I’m in awe and shock. Well in the book she talks about Martha people and Oprah people.

Oprah people all about living their best life. Creating vision boards and affirmations and so forth.

Martha people are able organization and good things. You churn your own milk.

So I ask what kind of person are you?

If I were to be honest with myself I’m more of Oprah kind of person. I have made vision boards and I have my goals posted all over the house.  I’m all about living your best life. But my husband would prefer if I was a little like Martha. We often joke that we need a wife — someone who can help us to keep the house tidy, cook, do and fold our laundry, go to grocery store. If we were in the Brady Bunch times, we need an Alice — she doesn’t need to live here or where a uniform.

After reading this book, I’m thinking to myself, why not give it a shot too.

This year my plan is to be a little bit of a hybrid.

  •  Are You A Martha Or An Oprah?I want to clean my home of clutter and keep it that way for more than 1 week LOL
  • I want to file my bills on a monthly basis versus pile them on my counter until it falls over
  • Find ways to better manage my email
  • Meditate on a regular basis
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway

How about you, what are you? Are you an Oprah or a Martha or a hybrid? In one of my blog posts, I give you 29 healthy habits to start. Could you start 1 habit one week? Imagine where you would be in 1/2 a year?  Would you be able to blog about it ? Write a weekly post on Facebook. Think of that movie Julia and Julia. A women spent 1 year trying to cook all of Julia Child’s recipes, it was also made into a movie with Amy Adams and Meryl Streep. Churning your own milk is optional =)

Leave me a comment below. Letting me know what camp do you live in.



{Day 30} Let’s Check Ourselves Before We Wreck Ourselves

Okay — that’s a old school Dr. Dre song, but I love it none the less! We are 30 days into our challenge we have 1 more day and I  {Day 30} Lets Check Ourselves Before We Wreck Ourselves want to do another check in to see where you are now!!

Are you stuck in a rut or are you like Stella and you’ve found your groove! Here’s a quick test.

You’ve found your groove if you:

  • Feel awesome after a workout
  • started to feel less stressed
  • have seen your mood has improved
  • don’t stress about what to eat
  • don’t stress about your workouts
  • head to the gym instead of the couch and you no longer think its a chore (okay sometimes it is, but you know you’ll feel better)
  • are motivated to hit your goals
  • completed more than 50% of this challenge and determined to finish the rest of it

Somebody reboot me please if you:

  • struggling to reach your goals
  • working hard and not seeing any results
  • are feeling unmotivated
  • been focused on the same goals for a while and unable to get started
  • feel like crap for hours or days after a workout
  • feel guilty for missing workouts or not eating cleanly
  • hit a plateau and have been stuck for a while

If you’ve got your groove — rock on and good luck to you!!! If you need a reboot, let’s discuss how restart. The best thing about this challenge is that you can do it over and over again. I recommend starting from day 1 and taking it day by day. Don’t beat yourself up. We all have things that come up in our lives that may have prevented you from doing this challenge daily, but we just need to keep plugging away.  Do you need some accountability? Do you need a more formal program? That’s where wellness coaching can come in handy.  I will nudge you to explore what is most important to you right now, we’ll talk through your challenges and work to navigate obstacles so that you meet your health and fitness goals quicker and have the confidence that you will succeed.  To learn more about my programs, click here. 

Today’s Assignment

Where are you?? Be honest — do you need to reboot are you charging ahead full blast!!!

Don’t forget Leave a comment below. Write a facebook post on the Fabulous Fit Squad. If you have a personal blog, write a blog post. Make sure you link back to the site so we can cheer you on and hold you accountable.

Just joining now?? Don’t worry you can catch up.
Day 1 — Intro the challenge
Day 2 — Getting your mind straight 
Day 3 — Goal setting 
Day 4 — What’s on your plate
Day 5 — Lift
Day 6 — Cardio
Day 7 — Living on your own terms
Day 8 — Rest day
Day  9 — Forming a habit
Day 10 — Just Breathe
Day 11 — Fat loss secrets revealed
Day 12 — Can you pinch an inch
Day 13 — Dedicated and Focused 
Day 14 — Doubt
Day 15 — Rewards and Consequences
Day 16 — Damn Hormones
Day 17 — Pre and Post Workout Meals
Day 18 — Successful Weight Loss

Day 19 — Know Before You Go
Day 20 — Courage and Strength
Day 21 — You Can’t Out Run A Bad Diet
Day 22 — 10 Days To Go!
Day 23 To Cleanse Or Not Cleanse
Day 24 The Power Of Sleep

Day 25 — What’s Your Why
Day 26 — I’m Stressed
Day 27 — The Art Of The Start
Day 28 — What’s Your Advice
Day 29 — Healthy Tips







{Day 13} Dedication. Consistency and Focus!

I know first hand consistency is really hard. I understand it from a personal point of view.  When I was competing consistency was a major requirement. Click here to read this article. I also understand this Affirmations for children I can do whatever i focus my mind on {Day 13} Dedication. Consistency and Focus! from my clients who get ready for big events — weddings, vacations, reunions, fitness competitions, etc and then go back to being inconsistent. This yo yo effect makes losing weight that much harder.

A well thought out fitness plan will go a long way in helping you to reach your goals. To achieve consistency, you will want to think about the types of exercise that you can do on a regular basis. A consistent workout regimen reduces stress and increases your mental well being. When you work out regularly, your body releases endorphins that enhance your mood. Sticking to a regular exercise regimen will keep you to feel revived both physically and mentally. When you exercise with consistency, your muscles will develop gradually and the body that you always dreamed about will materialize.

It’s also important to design a training program that fits your lifestyle and can be followed consistently without upsetting other areas of your life. Make sure your fitness goals aren’t so aggressive that you have don’t have time to train or are constantly running short on time that you don’t finish them. Be honest with yourself regarding how much time you have to work out. Personally I hit the wall at about 1:15min.

If you are unsure about how to put together a program hiring a coach will help with developing a customized a plan that fits your needs and lifestyle. Click here to see a list of services that I offer that may be of assistance to you.

There are three main components in any healthy lifestyle program that help you to build lean muscle, lose weight fast and lose body fat.

  1. Strength training — increase your lean, tone, body mass, thus giving a better shape to the body and increasing metabolism. Review the strength training day.
  2. Cardio — help you burn some extra calories that will lead to fat loss. More cardio doesn’t make up for bad behavior or if you missed a day. Just do your normal workout. Review cardio day.
  3. Nutrition — this is the hardest for most people. As we talked about on nutrition day, it’s about moderation and making this a lifestyle and not a diet.  Review nutrition day.

I want to spend a little more time on nutrition as this where the rubber meets the road. If you are awesome with your workouts but a mess in the kitchen you will struggle with losing weight. The biggest factor that cause you to fall of the deep end is the lack of convenience. Convenience is a big factor that effects the consistency of eating the right foods.  We’ve discussed preparing your own meals ahead of time. This will eliminate the excuses of stopping off at a fast food place because you have nothing to eat. It will eliminate the excuse for skipping a much needed meal. You can purchase a protein powder, a meal replacement packet, protein shakes in a can already mixed, and protein bars. Again these help eliminate any excuse for not getting the proper nutrition your body needs. I would still rather you eat whole foods, but something is better than nothing at all.

Train hard, train smart and train consistently. This is the only way I know how you can win the weight loss game.

There is no secret routine, there is no magical number of reps and sets. What there is, is confidence, belief, hard work on a consistent basis, and a desire to succeed. ~ Unknown


With fitness slow and steady wins the race, don’t come out of the gate so fast that you burn yourself out. That is one of the reasons why this course is 30 days long it’s to help develop consistency.  Remember there is no short cuts to fitness, despite what you might hear.

Today’s challenge

  1. Write down where you struggle with consistency — cardio, strength or nutrition. Name 2 things you can do to help improve that
  2. I am a very visual person. I hope you are too. So.. find motivating picture that visualizes your goal and post it somewhere that you have to see it every day. I also like post its. I post my goals all around the house so that I’m consistently reminded of what I’m working towards.

Don’t forget Leave a comment below. Write a facebook post on the Fabulous Fit Squad. If you have a personal blog, write a blog post. Make sure you link back to the site so we can cheer you on and hold you accountable.

Just joining now?? Don’t worry you can catch up.
Day 1 — Intro the challenge
Day 2 — Getting your mind straight 
Day 3 — Goal setting 
Day 4 — What’s on your plate
Day 5 — Lift
Day 6 — Cardio
Day 7 — Living on your own terms
Day 8 — Rest day
Day  9 — Forming a habit
Day 10 — Just Breathe
Day 11 — Fat loss secrets revealed
Day 12 — Can you pinch an inch



{Day 3} Gotta Have Goals!!!

Every client I work with I always ask what are your goals. What are we working towards. I typically get 2 types of response.  They either know their goals and can rattle them off gaolblocks {Day 3} Gotta Have Goals!!! or they look and me and say hmm what do you think I need to work on. When I hear the lather response I’m always taken a back. My feeling if you are seeking advice from a fitness professional you must have a goal. I can certainly help you fine tune them, but I’ve found that when you work toward a goal that isn’t yours you aren’t as passionate achieving it. Setting goals sometimes requires you to deep dig look in the mirror and really ask what you want.

So. today’s challenge is about setting SMART goals. I want you to think of goal setting as creating a road map for where you want to go. Imagine if you wanted to go to California. Would you get in the car and just drive, no.. you’d make a plan. You’d figure out do you drive, fly or some other mode of transportation. You’d map out where in California you were going and then you’d figure out when you’d want to go and for how long.  I want you to keep this analogy in your head as we dive into goal setting.

When clients set goals I typically experience two things.

1. They aren’t measurable, I hear something like this

  • Tone up
  • Get cut you know shredded
  • Lose my tummy
  • Firm up my J Lo (okay that’s my goal =))

2. They aren’t realistic

  • I’m going vacation in 2 weeks I want to drop 20 pounds
  • I want to put on 5 pounds of muscle while I’m training for a marathon
  • I’m going eat less than 1000 calories to drop weight fast

So.. when you set goals it doesn’t have to be this HUGE over the top goal. Now I’m not saying don’t set challenging goals, but set goals that you will be able to see and have some success.

We all have goals that we are trying to achieve, but are you setting SMART Goals. When you set SMART goals you are more likely to achieve them.  SMART goals are written in such a way that anyone who reads them can see what you are trying to achieve.

Here is what I’m talking about:

Specific What do I want to accomplish?
Measurable Criteria for measuring progress toward your goal
Attainable Goals are realistic and can be achieved in a specific amount of time and are reasonable.
Realistic You are both willing and able to work toward achieving this goal.
Timely Goals have a clearly defined time-frame including a target or deadline date.
Examples I will be able to do 10 pushups from my toes by January 31st.
I will bring my lunch 3 days on Mondays, Wednesday and Thursdays for the month of February.
I will do cardio for 30 minutes 5 times/week on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Is this starting to make sense?? So.. Day 3 Challenge as you can image is to set goals for this 30 day challenge.

  • They should begin with I will……
  • Now if you are feeling aggressive let’s set some goals for the next 60 and then 90 days.
  • I write a lot about goals so here are some additional reading about goals that may help you.
  • If you are stuck reach out! That’s why I’m here.

Don’t forget Leave a comment below. Write a facebook post on the Fabulous Fit Squad. If you have a personal blog, write a blog post. Make sure you link back to the site so we can cheer you on and hold you accountable.

Just joining now?? Don’t worry you can catch up.
Day 1 — Intro the challenge
Day 2 — Getting your mind straight

Stay tuned.. tomorrow I will give you the building blocks of good nutrition.

Hold Yourself Accountable
5 Ways To Successfully Reach Your Weight Loss Goals
Hairy Eyeball of Truth










How Will You Stay On Track?

Yesterday in my blog challenge we were asked to come up with goals for the next 30 days. That was challenging, but the most challenging part of it for me was taking it to the next step. You see I’m awesome with coming up with ideas, but sometimes  I struggle to take the next step OR the next step overwhelms me OR I get side tracked by something else. Well not this time! I’m focused and committed to making my dreams come true by the end of the year.

Action is the foundational key to all success.
Pablo Picasso

I’m not sure about you, but sometimes we just get stuck in our habits and patterns that we can’t seem to break free! Well. I’m ready to break free. My mission to help women embrace their strength and their power. I feel like I can no longer contain it. It’s time for it to come out!!

Today’s challenge was to come up with 3 tools that will help you stay on track. Here are my three tool:

  • Time management — purchased a book that I can track my daily to dos. I’m also finishing reading and immediately begin in-acting The 7 Minute Solution. I will also block time in my schedule DAILY to devote to marketing and promoting my business.IMG 1035 How Will You Stay On Track?
  • Meditation –  I need to learn to sit quietly.  I will use my Ipod and set a time for 5 minutes. I have index cards of mantras that I will repeat to help me grow my belief in growing my business and helping my clients achieve their goals. I will continue to read my Daily Book of Positive quotes to help center me and keep my thoughts positive.My affirmation: I confidently go after success!

meditationstones How Will You Stay On Track?

  • Plugging in — I will listen to 3 podcasts/week. This time instead of listening I will take any tips or techniques and find a way to implement them. I will also get back to daily posting on Facebook and Twitter.

Apply yourself. Get all the education you
can, but then, by God, do something.
Don’t just stand there, make it happen.

Lee Iacocca

joinsblogchallenge125x125 How Will You Stay On Track?

Tips for Kicking Unhealthy Habits

You know what they are.  Every time you do them you think, “I really shouldn’t be…”  Fill in the blanks!  Drinking this, eating this, smoking MP900402666 Tips for Kicking Unhealthy Habitsthis – the list goes on and on.  We all have habits we would be healthier without.  So what do we do about them?  How do we kick the habits for good?  Here are ten tips for kicking unhealthy habits and living a better life.

  1. Acknowledge and own the habits.  there’s no sense denying them; they exist, your friends and family know they exist, so own them.  Say aloud, “I need to stop!”  Once you’ve acknowledged it, it begins to lose its power.  It’s certainly much better than ignoring your unhealthy habits or hiding them.
  2. Let go of shame.  Don’t be ashamed of your unhealthy habits.  No one is perfect and we’re all striving to improve ourselves.  Everyone has something they need to work on.  Once you stop feeling ashamed of it, you can move forward and take control of your habits.
  3. Understand where the habits came from.  One of the great tools to kicking a habit is to first understand where it came from.  For example, if you have a tendency to eat a lot in the evenings it could stem from your breakfast habits.  Once you know the reason behind your habits, they’re easier to change.  In the example of the late night eating, a simple solution may be to develop a resolution to have a good breakfast every morning, rather than trying to stop eating at night.
  4. Understand why you want to get rid of your unhealthy habit.  Do you want to feel better?  Have more energy?  Look better?  Extend your life?  When you understand why you want to get rid of your unhealthy habits, it is easier to find the right motivation to help you achieve your goals.  For example, if you’re motivated to look better, maybe an old picture of yourself when you liked how you looked would work as appropriate motivation. 
  5. Set reasonable goals.  Lofty goals don’t serve anyone.  If you want to get rid of unhealthy habits, establish goals you are fairly certain you can attain.  That doesn’t mean they have to be easy goals, but it is important that they are attainable.
  6. Replace bad habits with good ones.  One of the best and easiest ways to get rid of unhealthy habits is to replace them with new habits.  For example, earlier we mentioned late night eating.  Rather than struggle with cravings while you’re sitting on the couch each night, brew a cup of green tea and change your habit to a good one, one that is healthy and beneficial for you.
  7. Seek support.  Sometimes we just need a little help.  We need an extra hand, a little encouragement, or someone to listen to us when we’re having a tough time.  Support groups, friends and family can all be a great resource when trying to kick old habits.
  8. Stay positive.  A good attitude is extremely helpful to kicking unhealthy habits.  It helps to be able to focus on more positive thoughts when you’re trying to get rid of habits that are detrimental to your health.  Before you set about accomplishing your goal, it helps to come up with a few methods for staying positive.  Find what makes you happy and make note of it.  When you’re having a negative thought or a tough moment, pull out your happy thought or your happy trigger and use it.
  9. Reward yourself.  Reward yourself for accomplishing the small steps along the way and for making it through the tough times.  For example, if you’re trying to cut out after dinner snacks and one particular evening you’re really craving something other than the tea you’ve been drinking, and you manage to avoid the bag of chips on the counter or the ice cream in the fridge, then you could reward yourself by getting your favorite coffee at the neighborhood coffee shop in the morning.
  10. Plan your success.  Rather than trying to wing it, it is helpful to plan how you’re going to attain your goal.  If you want to eliminate your habit of getting fast food for lunch each day, or you want to stop drinking coffee in the morning, how are you going to do it?  Break your goal down into smaller, more manageable steps for easier success.  For example you could stop going through the drive-thru four days out of the week but still go with your co-workers on Fridays.  After a week or two of success, you may even find that you’re ordering a salad rather than a burger.

Small successes give us confidence for larger ones. You create a pattern of success and strength.

Reward Yourself for a Job Well Done

Goal setting and achieving is supposed to be fun.  When you reach a goal, whether it is a little one or a big one, why not give yourself a MP900439557 Reward Yourself for a Job Well Done reward!  For example, if your goal is to get to the gym every day, you could break it up into smaller goals.  Start with going to the gym once a week for several weeks.  When you reach your goal of going to the gym once a week, you could buy yourself some workout music.  When you reach the final goal of going every day, well it’s probably time for some new clothes because you’re looking awesome, right?

How are you going to reward yourself?  

Sometimes when all else fails, tangible things can motivate us to reach our goals, even when the reason we’re striving for those goals has nothing to do with tangible rewards and everything to do with getting healthier and living a better life.

Rewards are important to keeping the motivation alive.  However, they can also derail you from your goal if the rewards are inappropriate.  For example, if you’re on a strict no sugar plan and you reward yourself for a week with no sugar by eating a piece of cake,  you could just set yourself back.

However, if you reward yourself with a massage, a night out at the movies or a treat that you would enjoy that isn’t full of sugar, then that is an appropriate reward you can look forward to and feel good about.  Make the rewards fit the accomplishment.  If your large goal is to run three times a week and you’re starting with an initial goal of running once a week, reward yourself for running once a week with something smaller like a new song for your iPod.  And when you reach running three times a week, you could reward yourself with new running clothes or a new pair of jeans.

So what kinds of rewards will motivate you?  Make a list of some items that you can use to reward yourself.  It might be:

  • New shoes
  • A vacation
  • Music for your ipod
  • A massage
  • Makeover
  • Haircut
  • New wardrobe
  • Dinner out at that restaurant you’ve been dying to go

Make a list of the things you might be motivated by and see how they fit into your goals.  Make certain to not choose rewards that will sabotage you reaching your goal.  For example, if your goal is to lose weight, then a food reward may not be the best solution.  However, a goal that makes you feel good about yourself, like a new pair of jeans to fit your new body, might be an excellent motivational tool. Need some help setting goals — contact me to set up a 15 min goal setting session.  Need a jump start to get going — give the Savage 7 program and shot.

The Girl Friend Project

For the past few months, I’ve been traveling for work and the holidays. My workout schedule and my eating has been all over the place. Have anyone else had the same experience? Come on, I can’t be alone with this.  You woke up on January 1st and you had tight clothes. I’ll raise my hand to that one.

Then you made the resolution that you are going to get back on the wagon. You’ll hit the gym, eat healthy and give up booze, sugar, what kjefferson 1142013 225x300 The Girl Friend Project ever your vices are. You feeling me so far AND THEN here we are ½ way through January and you feel like you are spinning your wheels. You want you to button your pants, you want to take a pic and feel like you don’t need Photoshop or make sure you are on your best side.

I understand you. As I said earlier I had a tough holiday season like most of you and now it’s time to get my milkshake back in order. I’ve a very structured person and without structure I fall off the rails.  I’m ready to get my groove back. Who’s with me?

I have a proposition for you. Let’s get back on track together. Join me for my 30-day Girlfriend Project.

During the Girlfriend Project, you’ll improve your overall health, increase your energy levels and most importantly drop some pounds and inches.  Now I have your interest.

You will go through this program with me. With The Girlfriend Project, you’ll get a:

  • 30 day meal plan – including options for folks who are always on the go
  • 30 day supply of yummy meal replacement shakes*
  • Training videos about nutrition
  • Shopping list lists & recipes that you can personalize towards your tastes
  • 4 week weight training program
  • Weekly functional challenge workouts
  • Incredible support from a private Facebook Group to connect with other participants for ideas and motivation

So.. who’s with me?? The program starts Sunday, January 27th   We’ll have a kick off call at 8pm EST. You want in? Shoot me an email and we’ll take it from there.

*Order the Total Health and Wellness Pak from Isagenix to enhance your results and give you a competitive advantage.

Rules ( I told you I like structure so there have to rules)

  1. Girlfriend project begins Sunday, January 27th and ends February 23rd.
  2. All “before” and “after” photos must show participant holding a newspaper or other publication that shows the current date. Photos submitted without proof of current date will not be considered valid entries.
  3. All “before” and “after” photos must be taken in tightly fitting workout clothes or bathing suit.
  4. “Before” photo must be received by 11:59 PM on Saturday, January 26th. Photos received after this time will not be accepted.
  5. “After” photo must be received by 11:59 PM on Sunday, February 24th. Photos received after the deadline will not be accepted.


Do You Have Discipline?

Today is all about instant gratification, if we don’t get results in a short amount of time when give up.  To survive 2013 and get MP900442363 300x199 Do You Have Discipline? lean you will need discipline. Do you have the discipline it takes to make your dreams come true?

Discipline – “Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t” – Jerry Rice. I just love this quote. Do you have your goals written down? Are they in a place where you can see them and get you fired up to take action?

Inspiration – This is what keeps you going. What inspires you to dream. I create a vision board every year and place it at my desk so that I can see if over and over again.

Sacrifice – What are you willing to let go of to make your dreams come true?

Coach – Do you have someone to help you? Someone who can give you advice and guidance when you are feeling stuck? Someone to share your highs and your lows.

Intuition – Get out of your head and do what you need to move toward your goals.

Plan – Remember the old proverb — falling to plan is planning to fail. You want to be successful with anything you need to plan. Set up your action plan and move forward.

Laser focus – Do you believe you can? Do you have the strength to stand up to the naysayers and all the negative Nelly’s

No Excuses – Are you will to put your excuses aside and make this happen? One of the best books I’ve read about this is Wayne Dyer’s book  Excuses Be Gone.

Energy – Do you have to energy to stay the course. Do you have the energy to say no to treats, the energy to get up consistently in the early AM to get your workouts in?

If you are ready to be DISCIPLINED in 2013, join me and my fitness mentor, a special guest on Dr. Oz and Oxygen cover model will coach you during your first 30 days to help you achieve your 2013 fitness goals. Click here to learn more.