We Have To Start Somewhere!

I have always been interested in fitness, but my fitness journey really started in January 2002. My husband and I had just gotten married and he’s family has a history or hea We Have To Start Somewhere!rt disease and high blood pressure. I told him I didn’t want him to die on me, so we going to give each other a personal training for Christmas.

Enter Mike D. This man CHANGED the trajectory of my life. We met with him every Saturday at 7am for 6 months. During that time I lost 25 pounds and my husband lost 40 pounds.  From the first meeting with Mike, Philip (my husband) and I were ALL IN! That day we went home and throw out all the crap and the “healthy” crap.

Boy, was it a wake up call to lose my cheese and crackers and my pasta. I thought I’d miss it but looking back I had to go cold turkey.

During this time the gym had a weight loss contest. It was based on body comp change and I won.  It was at this time Mike who was a former bodybuilder suggested I think about competing. At this time, I had NO CLUE about competing. I didn’t even know what it was all about. He told me go buy an Oxygen magazine and get back to him.  I flipped through and thought this is not for me. I’m was not a “girlie” girl.

17weeks We Have To Start Somewhere!

17 weeks later

beforeandafter.jpeg We Have To Start Somewhere!


Fast forward 2004, the Red Sox win their first world series. My motto became if the Red Sox can win a World Series anything is possible. I sought out a competition coach and I competed for 9 years.

During this time, what was a hobby turned into a full blown passion. I wanted to be the Mike D. for other people.

You can only imagine what it feels like when you are able to set a goal that you thought was impossible and achieve it.

I wanted to help others feel the same way that I did. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing others achieve their goals.

I started part time in fitness in 2006 and made the transition to full time fitness in 2010.

I can’t imagine my life without fitness and I hope that I can inspire my clients that we Mike inspired me.

Do you have a fitness story? I’d love to hear about your journey. Leave me a comment below.

MG 9115 We Have To Start Somewhere!

So, I’m Wearing My Pink Ribbon

October is breast cancer awareness month and everywhere you turn you are breastcancer gloves 236x300 So, Im Wearing My Pink Ribbonseeing Pink ribbons. Yet with all the awareness breast cancer receives it is still one of the top killers of women ages 20-59. It been 20 years since the first pink ribbon appeared and in that time the number of women who have died of breast cancer has not been significantly reduced.

When we see the pink ribbon or hear about a program to support breast cancer us ladies are more likely to give. We give because breast cancer is not something we’d like to have or we know someone who has affected by breast cancer. Today there are hundreds of breast cancer charities in America today, but before you give please check them out. Sadly there are some scammers out there who just take your money and/or give a small percentage to support breast cancer or inexperienced do gooders who end up spending more money promoting the event than donating.  Before you give, check out your charity. A good source is Charity Navigator.  Also be careful with the pink ribbon merchandise.  Where does your pink money go? Just because it has a ribbon on it doesn’t mean any of the money is going to breast cancer.

I’d love to hear your opinion on breast cancer marketing. Are you someone who is more likely to give when you see the pink ribbon?

Are You Chasing Youth??

For as long as I can remember I’ve had the same female idols.dressupgirl 300x200 Are You Chasing Youth??

  1. Vanessa Williams — I remember when she was the first black Miss America I thought she was STUNNING!!Then when inappropriate pics appeared and she gave up her crown, she did with style and grace. Now let’s fast forward to 2012 and she is still singing and dancing and still STUNNING! [Read more...]

Feeling The Fear

And doing it any way.  I read this book a few years ago and it still sticks with cliff 197x300 Feeling The Fear me. This week I felt as though I jumped off a high cliff.  I’m in the process of making some serious changes as to how I run my business and decided to take on a business coach.  I’ve known for a few years that at some point I would need to do it, but the time is now to bite the bullet.

I pulled up my big girl panties and LEAPED!

Is there fear that is holding you back. Is there something that you have been thinking about know you should do, but just haven’t taken the steps to make it happen?

Let me tell you. I’m nervous, excited and terrified all at the same time.  I’m a big fan of Lululemon clothing and on their bags they have a number of inspiring phrases.  One of the phrases that sticks with me regularly is Do one thing everyday that scares you. I’ve been living in my comfort zone for a little to long and now I’m OUT! If I want to see change, I need to be the change!

Big things are ahead for me I can just feel it.

What about? What’s  your fear that you can embrace? I would love to hear it. Hell I’d love some company on this journey!

Count down to Women’s Tri Fitness

I just landed in Vegas, the temperature is a balmy 101. I know that say its a dry heat, but it still hotter than Hades out there, I’m not complaining because I do love the heat. Actually as I sit here and type I’m wearing a long sleeve shirt and a jacket as the hotel likes to keep it like Antarctica. But I digress… So the actual competition doesn’t start until tomorrow, but today was weigh in for the bench press.. Which in my mind is the scariest part of this whole competition, you need to bench press 60% of your body weight for 50 reps, my goal weight to lift is 75 pds.  I got on the scale in my house and my unofficial weight had me 4 pounds below the top end of my weight class SWEET!!!. This morning at 8am — after flying 5 hours I get on the scale I’m 5 POUNDS heavier than I was at home, are you SHITTING ME!!! I retained that much water from flying or someone had their foot on the scale! [Read more...]

The Unofficial Start of Summer

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and we all have visions of summer vacations dancing in our head.  Already this weekend, I’ve heard so what are your summer vacation plans. Which is funny because this morning I was watching one of my favorite shows Sunday Morning on 258014588 03d07c547a The Unofficial Start of Summer CBS and they were discussing the concept of vacation. We all know as Americans vacations is a dirty word, in fact in these tough economic times how many of you have forgone your vacations so that it wouldn’t look like you weren’t a hard worker. I’m SO guilty of that. Instead of taking a 1 full week, I’ll take a long weekend so that I won’t miss THAT much work, but guess what we are only fooling ourselves.  The question they posed on the program is vacation a perk or a necessity.

I think vacation is a necessity. Personally I love to plan a vacation a few months in advance so it gives me something to look forward. I like thinking about  how am I going to spend my downtime.  When I’m not on vacation, I am a very structured person and my calendar rules my life and vacation is one of the few times that I wake and decided what am I going to do today. It could range from just sitting on my butt and being catered to or something active if the moment feels right, but hey I just follow my intuition.

It’s also one of the few times that get to spend a lot of time with my husband. For two people who live together we don’t get spend enough quality time together. Yes, after 8 years of marriage I still enjoy spending time with him. LOL. Back to the topic.

Bottom-line, I think if you work hard you deserve some well earned downtime and should be respected for knowing when you need to unplug.  When I say unplug, I mean UNPLUG — no email, voice-mail, nothing but enjoying yourself.  If you are doing any of those things you run the risk of seeing or hearing something that may cause you to be sucked back into the world of work. Remember you deserve and EARNED the downtime. I know when I get back from vacation, I’m more relaxed and focused and can’t wait for the next one.

This year, I’m taking a quick trip to Florida, then heading to Vegas for a competition and Block Island.  What are you vacation plans this year? You earned!!! Now plan it.

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Get Happy Day 2

Today is my 2nd day of the get happy challenge.  This week, I am to find 3 things to be happy happy face Get Happy Day 2about each day. At first I thought how simple is that, well not so simple. It really forces you to really think about your day versus just letting life happen around you. As I write this, and I am thinking about my day starting when my alarm clock went out at 5:00am until I got of the bus and started walking home.

My 3 happy things:

  1. I was able to do 5 pull ups PAIN FREE!!! You see, I suffered an elbow injury back in October and its been slow to heal or I’ve just be impatient. Okay I have been impatient! Until today, I haven’t been able to do any pulling exercises since October.  I’m a pretty active person and it been hard not to be able to do anything I wanted.
  2. I was able to provide great advice to a colleague.  She came to me because she trusted and valued you, my opinion.

Day 1 of the challenge

Getting To Know Me

  1. How do I stay in shape? I LOVE variety. During the off-season I will workout 4-5 times per week and each day I like KimJ070 200x300 Getting To Know Meto do something different. For cardio workouts I will do the elliptical, stairmaster, kettlebell workouts or run outside if its nice. Also I like stringing intense bodyweight workouts together to create great interval cardio and strength training workouts. I lift 3 times a week by doing a full body workout including core training. Every 4 weeks I mix up my strength training workouts to keep my body guessing.
  2. What is my fitness philosophy? I believe anyone can get fit and you don’t’ need to spend hours at the gym. Working out alone isn’t going to give you the body that you want. You need to watch what you eat. 80% of my weight results come from my diet. Also you need to commit, the perfect body doesn’t come without hard work! If you are willing to be in the work like I said anyone can get fit!
  3. Supplements? Just say no!! Most women only need a good multivitamin and calcium. All weight loss supplementation should come from a good diet! Like I stated its commitment. Your perfect body does not come in a bottle!! You earn your perfect body with hard work! If you feel that you need to take something, please seek medical advice from a medical doctor.
  4. How long do I work with clients? I love introducing people to fitness and helping them meet their fitness goals. I want to be clients to be independent so feel that they can workout on their own without my assistance.
  5. How many times a week do I work with clients? I let me clients make that determination. When you are a beginner exercisers some need that extra push and want to workout 2xs/week while other just want a weekly touchbase to help them stay on track.
  6. Why did I become a personal trainer?Like many of you I had a 40 plus hour a week job, I flew 100k miles per year, eating out 80% of my meals. Guess what I gained weight. Although worked out when I could I couldn’t get a handle on my weight. Then I meet a great personal trainer who become my mentor, Mike D’Angelo. Each training session was like a learning session , I asked him a million questions during our workouts that he said why didn’t I become a trainer. So here I am.  Taking my passion and turning it into a career.

Stuck On The Treadmill

So, at least 3 times a week I do a high intensity cardio workout.  I run intervals  either straight sprints  or hills on treadmill at my gym.  I love working out, but interval training is not something that I like to do, but since I am getting ready for a show (I’ll talk about that later), interval training is the only way I am going to lean out.

I’m pumped up, got my favorite songs loaded on my pod, I’m 15 minutes into my run on a 10% incline I’m about to do a fast sprint decline and my treadmill gets STUCK!! I couldn’t get it off a 9 /12% incline.

Have you ever got stuck?  What did you do, did you just stop?
So instead of getting a boo boo lip, I just hopped on the treadmill next to me.

It’s 40 days and 12 hours until I compete in the Fitness America Show in Las Vegas; it’s time to put the pedal to the medal, if I plan to come home with some hardware!