Are You Chasing Youth??

For as long as I can remember I’ve had the same female idols.dressupgirl 300x200 Are You Chasing Youth??

  1. Vanessa Williams — I remember when she was the first black Miss America I thought she was STUNNING!!Then when inappropriate pics appeared and she gave up her crown, she did with style and grace. Now let’s fast forward to 2012 and she is still singing and dancing and still STUNNING! [Read more...]

Feeling The Fear

And doing it any way.  I read this book a few years ago and it still sticks with cliff 197x300 Feeling The Fear me. This week I felt as though I jumped off a high cliff.  I’m in the process of making some serious changes as to how I run my business and decided to take on a business coach.  I’ve known for a few years that at some point I would need to do it, but the time is now to bite the bullet.

I pulled up my big girl panties and LEAPED!

Is there fear that is holding you back. Is there something that you have been thinking about know you should do, but just haven’t taken the steps to make it happen?

Let me tell you. I’m nervous, excited and terrified all at the same time.  I’m a big fan of Lululemon clothing and on their bags they have a number of inspiring phrases.  One of the phrases that sticks with me regularly is Do one thing everyday that scares you. I’ve been living in my comfort zone for a little to long and now I’m OUT! If I want to see change, I need to be the change!

Big things are ahead for me I can just feel it.

What about? What’s  your fear that you can embrace? I would love to hear it. Hell I’d love some company on this journey!

Happy New Year!

calendar 300x300 Happy New Year!Here in Boston today is the first day of school for most kids. Every year at this time I feel like its time to reset the clock and refocus on my 2010 goals, with approximately 116 days left until January 1, 2011. I have plenty of time to make major headway. [Read more...]

4 Thanksgiving Side Dishes

So.. this morning at work we had a long discussion about Thanksgiving side dishes.  Here are some of the conclusions we came up with, but I would love to here your thoughts.

  1. Macaroni and cheese
    • should not contain onions, bread crumbs or Velveeta or American cheese!macroni and cheese 300x183 4 Thanksgiving Side Dishes
    • SHOULD contain — real cheese, milk, eggs and macaroni
  2. Sweet Potatoes
    • should not be sliced
    • SHOULD BE whipped or mashed and baked in a pie, served as a side dish or if you need the extra fiber baked and served in the skin.
  3. Stuffing
    • this was a VERY controversial issue! Some were all about it, and some were just say no! I am of the school that stuffing is nothing but WET BREAD would you eat wet bread on any other day? Then why would you do it on Thanksgiving.
  4. Cranberry Saucecranberry sauce 300x300 4 Thanksgiving Side Dishes
    • another controversial one
      • some were all about the chunky cranberry sauce
      • others were shake it out of the can with can marks and all
      • me.. it’s ALL NASTY and just say no!

So.. talk me what are you thoughts on side dishes, have a missed any, please share!!!

Happy Birthday Barbie!

beach fun barbie blonde j0709 Happy Birthday Barbie!

Barbie Birthday

The controversial icon turns 50!!! Is she still a controversy or have kids of today moved away from her because she’s not compatible with the Wii or PlayStation. As a young kid who didn’t play with Barbies, my sister and I whole closet devoted to the random assortment of Barbie clothes including the corvette, the townhouse and the RV.  I can’t tell you how many variations of Barbie had — scuba barbie, skipper, pj, and course it Ken and his variations. I even I had a Ken doll that you changed his beard, gotta love the 70s.

As an adult I started to hear rumbling of people saying that Barbie gives young girls a warped sense of self.  Really, I don’t remember thinking I was going to have bullet boobs or a size 2 waist.  I just enjoyed all the little adventures that my sister and I as well as all of our friends would come up with for our Barbies.  It was healthy imaginative play. What are your thoughts on Barbie?

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

j0438726 150x150 Happy Valentines Day!!!I’ve had the same valentine for 15 years and when I am asked what we are doing for valentine’s day, I say I don’t believe in it.  Now don’t paint me as the Valentine’s Grinch, but I don’t think Hallmark or anyone else should dictate when you tell someone you love them an appreciate them.

I flash back repeatedly to when my husband, who doesn’t believe in nicknames called me sweetheart! OMG, did I feel like I’m on cloud 9! Did I need a diamond encrusted heart from Kay Jeweler’s to feel that he truly cared about me! No, and when I do look back I still feel bubbly and trust me bubbly is not something I feel.

So ladies, don’t get hung up on valentine’s day.  It’s more important for them to show you signs of love thorough out the year.

Talk me, am I being the anti-romantic?