{Day 13} Dedication. Consistency and Focus!

I know first hand consistency is really hard. I understand it from a personal point of view.  When I was competing consistency was a major requirement. Click here to read this article. I also understand this Affirmations for children I can do whatever i focus my mind on {Day 13} Dedication. Consistency and Focus! from my clients who get ready for big events — weddings, vacations, reunions, fitness competitions, etc and then go back to being inconsistent. This yo yo effect makes losing weight that much harder.

A well thought out fitness plan will go a long way in helping you to reach your goals. To achieve consistency, you will want to think about the types of exercise that you can do on a regular basis. A consistent workout regimen reduces stress and increases your mental well being. When you work out regularly, your body releases endorphins that enhance your mood. Sticking to a regular exercise regimen will keep you to feel revived both physically and mentally. When you exercise with consistency, your muscles will develop gradually and the body that you always dreamed about will materialize.

It’s also important to design a training program that fits your lifestyle and can be followed consistently without upsetting other areas of your life. Make sure your fitness goals aren’t so aggressive that you have don’t have time to train or are constantly running short on time that you don’t finish them. Be honest with yourself regarding how much time you have to work out. Personally I hit the wall at about 1:15min.

If you are unsure about how to put together a program hiring a coach will help with developing a customized a plan that fits your needs and lifestyle. Click here to see a list of services that I offer that may be of assistance to you.

There are three main components in any healthy lifestyle program that help you to build lean muscle, lose weight fast and lose body fat.

  1. Strength training — increase your lean, tone, body mass, thus giving a better shape to the body and increasing metabolism. Review the strength training day.
  2. Cardio — help you burn some extra calories that will lead to fat loss. More cardio doesn’t make up for bad behavior or if you missed a day. Just do your normal workout. Review cardio day.
  3. Nutrition — this is the hardest for most people. As we talked about on nutrition day, it’s about moderation and making this a lifestyle and not a diet.  Review nutrition day.

I want to spend a little more time on nutrition as this where the rubber meets the road. If you are awesome with your workouts but a mess in the kitchen you will struggle with losing weight. The biggest factor that cause you to fall of the deep end is the lack of convenience. Convenience is a big factor that effects the consistency of eating the right foods.  We’ve discussed preparing your own meals ahead of time. This will eliminate the excuses of stopping off at a fast food place because you have nothing to eat. It will eliminate the excuse for skipping a much needed meal. You can purchase a protein powder, a meal replacement packet, protein shakes in a can already mixed, and protein bars. Again these help eliminate any excuse for not getting the proper nutrition your body needs. I would still rather you eat whole foods, but something is better than nothing at all.

Train hard, train smart and train consistently. This is the only way I know how you can win the weight loss game.

There is no secret routine, there is no magical number of reps and sets. What there is, is confidence, belief, hard work on a consistent basis, and a desire to succeed. ~ Unknown


With fitness slow and steady wins the race, don’t come out of the gate so fast that you burn yourself out. That is one of the reasons why this course is 30 days long it’s to help develop consistency.  Remember there is no short cuts to fitness, despite what you might hear.

Today’s challenge

  1. Write down where you struggle with consistency — cardio, strength or nutrition. Name 2 things you can do to help improve that
  2. I am a very visual person. I hope you are too. So.. find motivating picture that visualizes your goal and post it somewhere that you have to see it every day. I also like post its. I post my goals all around the house so that I’m consistently reminded of what I’m working towards.

Don’t forget Leave a comment below. Write a facebook post on the Fabulous Fit Squad. If you have a personal blog, write a blog post. Make sure you link back to the site so we can cheer you on and hold you accountable.

Just joining now?? Don’t worry you can catch up.
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The Power Of Consistency

I’ll be the first person to admit that when I was competing my off season womenscreaming 300x300 The Power Of Consistencyconsistency was a bit of a battle.  I would finish doing a show in June and wouldn’t compete again until the following April.  Here’s my dirty little secret.  I didn’t stay consistent.  It took me about 2 seasons of this consistent non-consistent behavior for me to realize that if I was consistent with my off-season nutrition and workouts getting it together for a show wouldn’t be as hard.

For those of you don’t compete. You know what I’m talking about you know you watch what you are eating to get ready for a friend’s wedding or vacation and once that event happens you go back to your old ways and then wonder how you put the weight back on. With consistency, anything is possible. In real estate, it’s about location, location, location.  In fitness, it’s about consistency, consistency consistency.

I know first hand that consistency is tough.  In order to remain consistent, we need to change is our mindset.  Our healthy lifestyle is a CHOICE not a death sentence.  On my program, I encourage you to eat clean at least 80% of the time.  For the 20%, these are the meals that we should savor and enjoy.  It’s when we have those little nibbles, bites or I’ll do it just once’s that eventually catch up with us.  So.. how do you stay consistent?

  1. Patience.  Know that consistency will pay off. Many of you want week-by-week changes, sadly our bodies don’t agree.  We need to trust the process and stay the course knowing that your best body is just waiting for it’s unveiling.
  2. Taking Consistent Action.  I feel you; I can be one of the biggest procrastinators on the block.  The two things that make me take action with my fitness is making a plan and recipes.  Each week I sit down and schedule my workouts in my calendar.  I treat it like an appointment I can’t break.  Now if something does come up, I go back to my calendar and reschedule the workout, but trust me it must be HUGE for me to give up a workout.  As for my nutrition, I’m a big fan of recipes.  On Saturday mornings while I’m drinking my coffee I pour through the internet to find new clean recipes or recipes that I can make clean.  Trust me I’m no Rachael Ray, but I do what I can. Here is of my favorite sites. All Recipes
  3. Setting A Goal. Each month I set a goal.  With each goal, I give myself a reward.  Have you heard of a little place name Lululemon?  That place is my personal fitness reward center.  When I have a goal, I’m like a machine especially with a reward like Lulu!  Here are some examples of goals I set for myself in the past  — By the end of a month I will mix up my cardio. I will get on a new piece of cardio each time I go to the gym.  I will try 3 new starches during this month.  I will limit myself to 2-cheat meals/week – no nibbling.  Make sense?

At the end of the day we all want results.  Want to know the secret to getting results? Being consistent!  Feeling stuck or stalled?? Reach out.  I am running  30 Day Slim Down Challenge to help  jumpstart us all toward summer.

4 Ways To Lose Your Belly

Admit we all look down at our tummy’s and wish they are a little flatter, more

belly buttoning 300x198 4 Ways To Lose Your Belly
Source: Michelle Meiklejohn

define or hell just wasn’t a muffin top! Here a four ways to lose that muffin top.

  1. Add protein to every meal. I always ask my clients to write their food journals and the one element that is missing from most meals is protein. This is help you repair your muscles after working out and helps you to feel full longer.
  2. Log your meals. This helps you really visualize what your are putting in your mouth. I mean you log EVERYTHING the Peppermint Patty  you grabbed from the receptionist desk. Want me to review? Just send 3 days and I’ll give you feedback.
  3. Avoid artificial sweeteners.Because they are “artificial” it’s sometimes hard for our bodies to process them. When your body can’t process it causes inflammation. Unfortunately you typically can’t control where the inflammation occurs, most times it will occur in your tummy. So its best to avoid foods high in sodium, carbonated beverages, and gum.
  4. Fill up on veggies.  Veggies are low in calories and high in fiber. This combination helps you feel full longer. Be careful with broccoli it does cause a little bloating.

Here is a bonus — interval training — instead of just hoping on a piece of equipment and doing the same pace, try mixing it up with intervals.  Try this one.  Go hard for 30 sec and then rest for 30 sec try this for 30 minutes. After you try it leave me a comment about how you did.

Image: Michelle Meiklejohn / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

What’s Up With Kim?

Over the past 3 years I have shared a nutrition, workout and motivational tips, but this past week I was speaking with some of the wall 200x300 Whats Up With Kim?readers of my blog and they asked for me to share more about me.

So.. here it is. I’m not perfect I too struggle with this time of the year! Last week I attended a conference that was serving lunch. I started out the day with my oatmeal, egg whites and berries for breakfast I packed 2 snacks (AM and PM). They were serving lunch so I didn’t bring my lunch. Well.. let’s say that was a mistake while it was an EXCELLENT chopped salad, it lacked PROTEIN! 20 minutes after I ate I was STARVING!!!! We were in a part of the convention center where they didn’t have store to purchase water and my 1/2 gallon water bottle only made it to lunch.  Let’s say by the time I got home that night I was ready to eat my leg off!!! Because I didn’t eat enough all day I came home and started GRAZING until I finished preparing dinner. Lesson learned — bring more protein and carry more water. The next day I went back to the event and was much more prepared and didn’t come home to eat 1/2 of my kitchen cupboards.

As for workouts — the past few weeks I have been flat out finishing up some projects before the end of the year. Typically I like to workout 4-5 days/week. Let’s just say it’s been difficult! Just this past Monday I had a plan to hit the gym at 5:30am — I like to workout in the AM because I less likely to get interrupted or have the day get away from me. Unfortunately my body had a different plan. I woke up at 1:30 AM and didn’t fall back to sleep until 4am, let’s say when the alarm went off at 5:15am I wasn’t feeling it. I gave myself the out. That doesn’t make the whole week is ruined it means I missed ONE workout and I need to brainstorm to see if there were other ways to make it up. Before I got out of bed I went through my mental calendar and decided that I could make up this workout on Thursday because that is typically my rest day.

How do I stay motivated? I started competing in 2004 because I needed a goal! I lost 30 pounds and I was like now what! Competing gives me a goal to strive for. When I first started competing I did about 5 shows/year now I do 1. That’s really hard for me to stay on track and last year I went 14 months without competing! I packed on the weight for me. I had put on 12 pounds during that time. Why do you ask, because I didn’t have a motivating goal and for the most part sleepwalked through my workouts. NOT THIS YEAR!!! I vowed that would not happen taking off those 12 pounds SUCKED OUT LOUD. My next show is May 2012 and will stay within 5-7 pounds of my show weight.

What’s a good goal? I’m always asked what is a good goal. My response is typically what will motivate you  to get out of bed on a 3 degree snowy morning. That’s a motivating goal. Goals are very personal. Your goal could be something really simple such as fitting into your pants or training for a marathon. Finding your motivation is truly personal and if you want to do some brainstorming, shoot me an email.

I hope this gives you a little insight to me. I will be offering 15 min goal setting appointments the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Please send me an email with some days and times that will work for me.


I’ve Achieved My Goal!!

MG 91151 200x300 Ive Achieved My Goal!!

After October 2011

This past weekend I competed in my third Women’s Tri Fitness. This was a long term goal of mine and when I did it for the first time I got hooked! This weekend I went to Tampa and competed with my husband. It was so my fun to complete a goal with him, plus he is all fired up to do it again! I really get excited when I turn people on to fitness and they achieve their goals.

I tell you this, not to brag, but inspire you to take action. It’s been about 1 year since I had something that I had a goal that I was really jazzed about. When my husband asked if we could do it together, it was just the kick in the pants I needed.

Back in August I put on my game face and signed up.  For me one of the most challenging parts is the bench press. You need to bench press 60% of your bodyweight for 50 reps. So.. you must decide what you want to lift and how much weight you can reasonably lose.  I wanted to weigh 15 pounds lighter.

Kbarnes 071511 front 225x300 Ive Achieved My Goal!!

Before -- July 2011

So.. I had 8 weeks to drop 15 pounds! I had to work cut out for me and LITERALLY had to work my butt off!  No matter what happened at the show if I dropped those 15 pounds I WON! Guess what — on October 20th it happened I stepped on the scale and saw that I dropped 15 pounds I was so PSYCHED!! Plus I only had to lift 75 pounds!

I’m telling you my story because I want you know that I practice what I preach! I typically give myself 5-7 pounds over my goal weight, but this year I got a little off track and used this goal to bring me back.

If you are ready to serious about your weight loss, let me know!

I have 2 programs that I will be running to help you to Hold The Stuffing through the holidays.

  •  Hold The Stuffing Fat Blaster
    • 6 weeks
    • 2 strength training programs
    • 6 weekly emails
    • (3) 15 min private phone calls
    • 30 day Athlete’s pack
    • Meal plan
    • Grocery List
  • For more information, shoot me an email.  This program is for the committed! If you are ready to end 2011 with a little less weight the time is now!

Get Off The Treadmill

I’m really fortunate that the people who read my site have two things in treadmill 200x300 Get Off The Treadmillcommon:

  • a passion to lead a healthy lifestyle
  • goal(s) that they are striving to achieve

One of things I hope that I can provide to my readers as well as my clients is prescriptive guidance to help them achieve their goals. One of their main question is cardio?

I live in Boston right next to the Charles River as soon as the snow melts the runners, joggers and walkers come out in droves.  Do you know why they run — I mean at least 85% of them, come on you the answer, think about it!! That’s right its to LOSE WEIGHT!

Running is cardio right, running is hard for me so it must be good for me, running will help me lose weight, right.  Well…. Long distance running is the worst thing for weight loss.


Most of you run because you’ve seen pictures of elite runners who are lean and mean and want to get the physique or you have a friend who has the physique that you want and you ask hey what are you doing and then they say or I just run x number of miles a day. You think to yourself — running that’s easy I’ll lace up and get moving.

I’m here to tell you unless you competing in an endurance event, running will not give you that lean toned physique. I’m sorry to report that continuous long slow steady state cardio just doesn’t get the metabolism fired up the way a strength training session coupled with interval training does.  Did know that interval training is 9xs more effective than steady state cardio? Getting your metabolism fired up is EXACTLY what is needed to get that lean and toned physique. Intervals keep your body guessing and stops it from going on autopilot.

Long slow steady state cardio does just that, it puts the body on autopilot. Your body knows exactly what to expect, how much effort to give you and therefore only gives you what you need. I’m not saying these workouts won’t be hard, but your body doesn’t have to give you as much. What’s even worse as you build up your mileage you begin to burn more fat, but guess what your body adapts to help you become more efficient at running so it begins to “store more fat”!  Yup — you heard that right.  Don’t believe me take a look at any finish line of any race; you’ll see far more average Joe physiques than you’ll see Kara Goucher physiques. They’ll be a few Kara Goucher’s, but I’ll let you in on little secret they looked like that before they started running.

You can’t run to get fit; you need to be fit to run.” – Diane Lee, Canadian Physical Therapist

When you are training for a long distance endurance race your body is recruiting different muscles to make sure that you are efficient at running.  When you are training to change your body composition you are looking to make your body’s efficient at strength training. Training for both throws your body into tug of war.  As you get more efficient at running you may experience that your fat stores tend overtake your muscle stores. Most people experience loss of muscularity in their quads and then in their tushies. Now depending on where you hold your weight, you may also experience fat gains around your mid-section.

I don’t say this to discourage your fitness goals. I tell you this so that you can make informed choices.

Need more proof – here are a few studies.

  • J Clin Endocrinol Metab. Jan 2
    Effect of calorie restriction with or without exercise on body composition and fat distribution.
    This is a six month study. Aerobic training group performed 50 minutes of aerobics 5 times a week for the entire duration. Results:  No additional effects of aerobic exercise on weight or body fat levels.
  • Obesity 2007 June – 15:1496-1512.
    Exercise Effect on Weight and Body Fat in Men and Women.
  • McTiernan et al
    For 1 year they had a test group do six hours of steady state cardio for 60 min, six days per week. In one year, the group lost 3 lbs.
  • According to a British study, levels of Human Growth Hormone, which assists in building muscle and burning fat, skyrocketed 530% in subjects after just thirty seconds of sprinting as fast as they could on a stationary bike.

I would love to hear your thoughts leave me some comments below.

I Want Flat Abs

You just picked up the latest People, Us Weekly or Star magazine and on the standing bikini 1 200x300 I Want Flat Abscover is some movie star or singer showing off their rock hard abs.  You then look at your abs and vow today is the day that I will do 1000 crunches everyday until summer to have those abs.

Ladies you’re not alone! To get great abs, you must do more than crunches. You will need to:

  • burn more calories than  you eat — 1 pound = 3500 calories, you will need to create a 500 calorie deficit everyday to lose 1 pound each week.
  • work your large muscle groups — butt, quads, lats, and chest using resistance/strength training and cardio.Working your large muscles will help you burn fat, that maybe covering those gorgeous abs of yours.
  • limit your sugary treats,  ladies we tend to store our sugary treats in our mid-section.
  • consistency! To see results you must work consistency or your eating and exercise regimen.

I hope you found these tips helpful. If you have any others, I would love to hear them, just leave me some comments below.

Make Yourself _____________

I am totally into this new Nike Ad campaign. It makes me think of a conversation I had with my coach when I first started doing fitness competitions.  It was the end of the season and I was little disappointment in how I placed throughout the year. I booked an appointment with my  coach to talk about the year and what I could in the off season to improve my placings for the next year.  She looked at me and said these simple words that ROCKED and CHANGED my world.  She said to me did you do all you could do? [Read more...]

Weight Loss Secrets

So many people ask, how do you do it? Here are a few easy weight loss tips. I TRACK EVERYTHING, I have been writing book 225x300 Weight Loss Secretsdown my food and my workouts for years. Some may say really or I just don’t have the time. My response is how will you know what is going on when you don’t lose weight or you’re not increasing your weight in regular increments.  What is your track record? I look at this as my fitness bank account. I wouldn’t just write checks without keeping track of the checks I wrote, and some how you have time to write that down. Think of this in the same way. [Read more...]

Falmouth Race 2.0

I am once again running the Falmouth road race with my husband. Last year was our first year, now we’re thinking about making it an annual thing.  We are just a little behind in our running schedule, but we’re planning catch up this week. My first run was last Saturday night when the temperature was roughly 85 degrees. FUN.. Which is really funny given the last time I ran any long distance (January) we were looking to see when the warmest part of the day was going to be.

So the run we good but really hot, we ran again yesterday and the 3.5 miles felt much better. I am experiencing so side stitches, need to work getting my breathing in synch as well as my food timing. I think the last two times I had large meals that didn’t fully digest before I went for my run.

We’re suppose to run tonight to make up for our missed run on Sunday, but mother nature had another plan for us. It’s POURING, so we’ll be running both days this weekend to play catch up.

I’ll keep you posted on our progress.  Goal this year is to run 7.1 miles in less than 1 hour.