The Power Of Consistency

I’ll be the first person to admit that when I was competing my off season womenscreaming 300x300 The Power Of Consistencyconsistency was a bit of a battle.  I would finish doing a show in June and wouldn’t compete again until the following April.  Here’s my dirty little secret.  I didn’t stay consistent.  It took me about 2 seasons of this consistent non-consistent behavior for me to realize that if I was consistent with my off-season nutrition and workouts getting it together for a show wouldn’t be as hard.

For those of you don’t compete. You know what I’m talking about you know you watch what you are eating to get ready for a friend’s wedding or vacation and once that event happens you go back to your old ways and then wonder how you put the weight back on. With consistency, anything is possible. In real estate, it’s about location, location, location.  In fitness, it’s about consistency, consistency consistency.

I know first hand that consistency is tough.  In order to remain consistent, we need to change is our mindset.  Our healthy lifestyle is a CHOICE not a death sentence.  On my program, I encourage you to eat clean at least 80% of the time.  For the 20%, these are the meals that we should savor and enjoy.  It’s when we have those little nibbles, bites or I’ll do it just once’s that eventually catch up with us.  So.. how do you stay consistent?

  1. Patience.  Know that consistency will pay off. Many of you want week-by-week changes, sadly our bodies don’t agree.  We need to trust the process and stay the course knowing that your best body is just waiting for it’s unveiling.
  2. Taking Consistent Action.  I feel you; I can be one of the biggest procrastinators on the block.  The two things that make me take action with my fitness is making a plan and recipes.  Each week I sit down and schedule my workouts in my calendar.  I treat it like an appointment I can’t break.  Now if something does come up, I go back to my calendar and reschedule the workout, but trust me it must be HUGE for me to give up a workout.  As for my nutrition, I’m a big fan of recipes.  On Saturday mornings while I’m drinking my coffee I pour through the internet to find new clean recipes or recipes that I can make clean.  Trust me I’m no Rachael Ray, but I do what I can. Here is of my favorite sites. All Recipes
  3. Setting A Goal. Each month I set a goal.  With each goal, I give myself a reward.  Have you heard of a little place name Lululemon?  That place is my personal fitness reward center.  When I have a goal, I’m like a machine especially with a reward like Lulu!  Here are some examples of goals I set for myself in the past  — By the end of a month I will mix up my cardio. I will get on a new piece of cardio each time I go to the gym.  I will try 3 new starches during this month.  I will limit myself to 2-cheat meals/week – no nibbling.  Make sense?

At the end of the day we all want results.  Want to know the secret to getting results? Being consistent!  Feeling stuck or stalled?? Reach out.  I am running  30 Day Slim Down Challenge to help  jumpstart us all toward summer.

No Fail Resoution Tips

The first week of the new year is almost over. How are you doing with your resolutions? Are you still making them? If your MP900402666 300x199 No Fail Resoution Tipsresolution this year is to lose those last 10 pounds or to get into or back into shape I have a few tips that may help you get there this year.

  1. You need a strategy — just hoping and praying isn’t a strategy. Think of your fitness plan as planning a trip. Would you just hop in the car and hope you end up a destination. No.. you would punch it into your GPS and follow the route. Getting back into shape and losing weight is the same thing! Your action for right now is to say — I am going to ________. I’m looking for an exact number, if its not exact you can’t measure how you are doing.  For example, by February 17 I will lose 10 pounds or I will run/walk 1 mile each day for the next 30 days.  So.. what’s your action item to get you toward your end goal?
  2. Yes, write it down — you have you strategy, it’s not good enough to have it in your head, you need to write it down and put it someplace where you can see it each and every day! I recommend you tape it in multiple locations — your bathroom mirror, your nightstand, your refrigerator, your car’s sun visor, your cube at work. The more you see it the more you will be reminded of your goal and your actions will start to reflect where you want to go. Your action item — write your goal for the next 30 days and put it in multiple locations.
  3. Don’t go hungry — when people start to diet the first thing I hear is I’m going to skip meals. Nothing makes me more crazy than when I hear that. Okay the other thing that makes me crazier is when I see people walking/running on a treadmill and holding on for dear life. Unless you came in using a walker or a cane there is no need to hold on. Pump your arms and use your core! Off my soap box, now back to meals. You must fuel your body every 2-3 hours.  You must keep blood sugar levels even, this is what signals the brain for food. The more even your blood sugars levels the less likely you are to go on a bender. Think about this.  How many times have you skipped lunch and then headed home after work and just ate everything sight or you planned on eating the right things and your hungry mind took over.  I know that never happens to you guys. =) If you are reading this and its been a few hours –EAT SOMETHING! Your action item — what snacks can you put in your desk drawer or in the car that you can eat?
  4. Get support — You can’t do this alone! There will be times when you need a shoulder to lean on, a kick in the pants or just an ear when you need to vent. Ask someone to be your accountability partner. When you have this person you are less likely to fall off the wagon. I highly recommend you find that friend, co-worker or whomever that isn’t afraid to be hard on you.  Your action item — find and ask someone to be your support person?
  5. Share your goals with the world — The more people who know what you are doing you are more likely to do it. No one wants to look like a fool. In this new world of social media — post your goal(s) on your Facebook wall, tweet about them on Twitter.  You’d be surprised how much support and encouragement you’ll get from others who maybe trying to reach the same goal or this is where you may find your accountability partner. Your action item –post your 30 day goal on your Facebook wall, tweet about or tell someone in person.  You can even leave your comments on my blog! I have no problem being that kick in the rump!
  6. Pick one thing to change — Many of you feel you need to change EVERYTHING right away. I’m all for that BUT… if you aren’t that kind of person. Don’t do it!  I recommend you pick 1 habit this week and work on changing that. If you are addicted to diet soda — work on reducing the number that you have in a day or go cold turkey.  Action item — What is the one thing you will change this week?

With these 6 tips in hand do you feel like you have a nice blueprint to help you forward towards reaching your fitness goals this year? If you would some formalized help. I still have a few spots open for my F.R.E.E 30 day wellness coaching program. Just shoot me an email to learn more.  I really want to know how you are doing. Leave me your fitness goal in the comments below.

What’s Your New Year’s Theme?

This year instead of making a resolution I’m make a themes for 2012. My first theme for 2012 is EXPRESSION!!! This year I will be stepping in front of the camera and doing more video blogs so that I can demonstrate exercises that you should incorporate into your fitness routines, show you some of my favorite recipes and I want go my readers a more of an one on one experience.  I’ve been writing this blog for almost 3 years and it’s time for me to get a little more personal.  The best thing about my theme is it has a THEME SONG!!! I know it’s old school, but it works!!! What are your theme’s for 2012?  Do you need some help setting those themes? The week after Christmas I’m having 15 min goal setting appointments. If you are interested, please shoot me an email.

Are You Ready To Let Go Of The Past?

To get the future you want, you need to let go of the past. Review your baggage past future 239x300 Are You Ready To Let Go Of The Past?and see if those old beliefs you have been holding onto are holding you back.  Take time to reflect and then say those are old beliefs and I let them go.

  1. Set a deadline – nothing springs you into action like a deadline.  I recommend picking 3 dates (short roughly 6 weeks, medium roughly 12 weeks and long roughly 24 weeks). This way you’ll have something to celebrate yet keep you motivated.
  2. Review past behaviors – As I said earlier, look at your past, if what you were doing wasn’t getting you to where you want to be, then you need to stop doing them. What I mean is if you want to lose weight and you are not exercising and/or watching what you eat, guess what?  You are not going to see results.

Now is the time to take your dream and put it into action.  I am hosting a Shape Up For Summer teleconference call.  I will be discussing actions you can take to flatten your belly, tone your legs, tightened your tushy and what’s the best thing to eat on a hot summer night. To attend, just register here.

In the next 30 days what actions will you take to make your dreams come true?


What’s Your Excuse?

If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll findbinoculars 300x219 Whats Your Excuse? an excuse.

I am a personal weight loss coach. This is my job to help you succeed at your weight loss goals. What’s really interesting is that when it’s time for the rubber to meet the road a few of my clients retreat into excuseville.

This is what it’s like to live in excuseville. You can’t workout or take care of yourself because….

Your kids need your help with _____________.

Your husband comes home with ___________ take out and  you don’t want it to go to waste.

It’s your friend’s ________________ and you’d be rude if you didn’t.

You’ll start ______________.

It’s only one______________. It can’t hurt, right?

What excuse are you using to keep you from living a healthy lifestyle?

Here’s one way to get started. You don’t need to do every thing at once, commit to change one thing! If you tomorrow was day 1 what is the one thing you would change?  Now that you make that change can you keep it up for 21 days.  It take 21 days to make a habit.

Are you done making excuses and ready to get real? Give me a call.

Are You Thriving Or Just Surviving?

I saw this in a blog post that was so unrelated to nutrition, but it get me thinking. Do we go through our lives and just want to get through the day.
You know what I’m talking about. You think if I just keep my head down it will all be okay. Now if I asked you is that surviving or thriving what would you say? Pick me — it’s surviving I know that Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive song is so suppose to be the female national anthem, but it’s all about surviving. Once you survive is there more? Can you then THRIVE?

Do you want to thrive? Just follow these 7 steps.

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What Do You Do?

I hear this all the time, Kim exactly what do you do? I know you hear that as well when you go toj04228611 199x300 What Do You Do? parties or other networking events. Typically when I hear its my friends who know I have been working hard to become a certified wellness coach. I know that So when the ask, I know it comes from a place of caring about.

So.. I am a wellness coach. In November 2008 I started my journey. I have been a ACSM certified personal trainer for a while and began to notice that most of my clients came to me for a workout or to lose weight, but I soon realized that there was more things going on that was keeping them from being successful. As a wellness coach I have learned some techniques that will help me work with clients to help them better define their goals, support them through the change process and give them the confidence they need to make lasting change.

I know you are thinking, isn’t that the same thing you do as a personal trainer? No my role is a fitness coach I TELL people what to do.  As a wellness coach the golden rule is the client has the answers, I work with them to guide them to reaching their goals.

As you can imagine its been 18 long months and I am really excited.  I know you may think that I am crazy to launch a business right now. But I believe there is a BIG wave of opportunity happening so the timing is perfect and here is why.

  • Women are ready to challenge the status quo and step into a more fulfilling way of life. People are more willing than ever to invest to change their lives.
  • Women are tired of the rat race, working hard to just get by when all they really want is to look great and feel fabulous.
  • The time is ripe for renewal and reinvention. Women are looking for a little guidance around how to get started and stayed motivated throughout the process.  (this is where I come in)

Over the past 18 months my coach has inspired me to play BIG and get out of my comfort zone. I have to tell you I LOVE IT! The focus of my coaching practice is this.

I help busy women who want to look great and feel fabulous!

You might be thinking: most women are already overwhelmed in their quest to live a healthier lifestyle and now you want them to play bigger!

I would be grateful if you would connect me to any women you know that wants to look great and feel fabulous.

The reason why I stress connect is because I believe this is the way business is meant to be: people connecting with each other and finding ways to add value and create mutual success. So the person you refer to me might end up hiring me or we may become professional colleagues, either way, we will both benefit from the connection.

One last thought…

When we hear and read a lot of bad news, it is easy to get discouraged, apathetic or cynical. But we all know, that this does not make the situation better.  The only way to feel better is to get back into the game of life and PLAY.  As a coach, this is my primary objective
You can refer people to be in several ways: leave comments below — | email –| website –| phone–(617) 744-9056