So, I’m Wearing My Pink Ribbon

October is breast cancer awareness month and everywhere you turn you are seeing Pink ribbons. Yet with all the awareness breast cancer receives it is still one of the top killers of women ages 20-59. It been 20 years since the first pink ribbon appeared and in that time the number of women who have died of breast cancer has not been significantly reduced.

When we see the pink ribbon or hear about a program to support breast cancer us ladies are more likely to give. We give because breast cancer is not something we’d like to have or we know someone who has affected by breast cancer. Today there are hundreds of breast cancer charities in America today, but before you give please check them out. Sadly there are some scammers out there who just take your money and/or give a small percentage to support breast cancer or inexperienced do gooders who end up spending more money promoting the event than donating.  Before you give, check out your charity. A good source is Charity Navigator.  Also be careful with the pink ribbon merchandise.  Where does your pink money go? Just because it has a ribbon on it doesn’t mean any of the money is going to breast cancer.

I’d love to hear your opinion on breast cancer marketing. Are you someone who is more likely to give when you see the pink ribbon?


My First Mammogram

Seriously, you turn 40 you get this letter

What to expect from a mammogram

Source -- The Inflamed Spleen

from your doctor that its time to come and get a mammogram. You have no idea what to expect. You know it a good idea to get them to spot breast cancer early (knock on wood they see nothing). But my goodness, NO one tells you what to expect except you’ll feel some pressure on your breast.

I’m here to tell you!

Yes there is pressure, but for the amount of time the technician touched my boobs, she should have left me a tip!  She was definitely rolling VIP! [Read more…]


8 Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer

I have had a breast cancer scare in October 0f 2008.  Two months prior was the happiest time of my life, I had just got in engaged! Then my routine monthly breast exam, I discovered a lump.
I remember sitting down my fiance — now husband — and telling him of my discovery. To help make me laugh, he said you certainly know how to put the vow in sickness and health to the test. He went through the entire process with me holding my hand and telling everything was going to be okay.

Thankfully my lump turned out to me a calcium deposit, and I have a scar on my left breast as a reminder that I should continue to do regular self breast exams, because what if it wasn’t calcium deposit.  Below are 8 ways to help prevent breast cancer

  1. Maintain a healthy weight — if you been looking to lose a little weight maybe this is the motivation you need to get started.
  2. Exercise — get moving at least 30-40 minutes/day
  3. Eat your Omegas 3/6/9 — this include nuts, seeds and oily fish.
  4. Get a mammogram — I know it may be uncomfortable and maybe hard to fit into your schedule, but it could save your life.
  5. Regular self exams — doing this could save your breast and your life.
  6. Know your family history — if anyone in your family has had breast cancer, be sure to inform your doctor you maybe genetically predisposed to breast cancer. Once I discovered my lump within the 5 years both my mother and sister discovered calcium deposits. Again better safe than sorry.
  7. Limit alcohol intake — its been found that alcohol may increase the toxins in body that contribute to breast and other cancers. Plus its hard to maintain a healthy weight if you are drinking all of your calories.
  8. Eat fruits and veggies — they contain antioxidant vitamins and nutrients

Are you over the pink ribbon?

Have you purchase an item specifically because a portion of the proceeds went to a breast cancer? According to Cone Research 79 percent of consumers would likely switch to a brand that supports a cause, if all other things are equal. I’ll raise my hand I have done it each year I purchase a lunch bags from Lean Cuisine. The bags are great and I get a ton of pinkribboncompliments on them, and I feel good about buying them because money is going to breast cancer.  I look forward to every October so I can get new lunch bags. Well this year Lean Cuisine decided not to do them because they felt with the current economic situation they felt folks wouldn’t be inclined to purchase these lunch bags. Seriously… now more than ever people are bringing their lunch to work and the recycle bag is HUGE!  That’s just my humble opinion. This is how I felt until I read an article in last week’s Pink Overload on Yahoo.

Some cancer survivors and patient view October not as breast cancer awareness but breast cancer reminder month and some are outraged that companies are making money off of other pain and suffering. No other cause marketing has been as profitable as breast cancer merchandise.

Did you know that:

  • a product with a pink ribbon is 74% more profitable than a product that doesn’t have a pink ribbon
  • the use of the pink ribbon is unregulated
  • a company can put a pink ribbon on its product just to “raise awareness”
  • in MA you must give an update of total gross revenue generated from “cause marketing” — many companies don’t (shocking)

I am know that I am in conflict, I had a breast cancer scare and was grateful that it was just a scare and I’m glad that money is being raised for a disease that effects 1 and 8 women for when its not just a scare. So tell me below what you think?

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Confession.  I am addicted to Lifetime Movies!  Okay so now it’s out there.
I have pretty seen them all with the exception of Why I Wore Lipstick To My Mastectomy.  I watched this weekend and WOW, what a powerful movie.  She was only 28 had to make such a radical decision; I think to myself could I be that brave?

When I was 28, I found a lump it turned out to be a calcium deposit, but I certainly was scared to death in the 24 hours before I could see my doctor.

I asked myself, so what would I do if I needed to be brave?  What would you do if you needed to be brave?

Bring your lunch, purchase this awesome Lean Cusine lunch cooler, I have bought one every year for the past 5 years and they’re awesome.  The best thing about it is that $5.00 of each bag goes to the Susan G. Komen breast cancer fund.