Set Your Goal & Time-scale For Your Weight Loss Success

If you want to get fit, get healthy and lose weight it is always a good idea to have a plan in place. This will help you to monitor your progress so that hardworkdyou can see how well you are doing. A great way to do this is to have a specific goal in mind and a time-scale in which you want to achieve that goal.

Your Goal Should Be Realistic
One of the most important factors to success is working towards a goal that is achievable. With regards to losing weight, you want to pick a goal that is realistic. Now working out what is realistic is the difficult part. A great way to look at this is to think about your goals in stages. Instead of thinking about losing 100 pounds, think about creating milestones. Break the task down into smaller figures so that you are not faced with such a daunting thing. Instead of 100 pounds, why not set a realistic goal of 20 pounds. You can also break down your goals into days such as what do you want to accomplish in the next 30, 60 and 90 days. Seeing small progress is what will keep you motivated. Motivation is what will keep you moving forward toward hitting and finally achieving your goals.

What is Realistic?
You know that in order to lose weight, you are going to have to change things in your life. You are going to have to look at either starting or potentially increasing the amount of exercise you do. You are going to have to look at the types of food you eat, the choices as well as the portion sizes. Yes, you can change but it is rare for people to make drastic changes overnight. Be patient with yourself and give yourself time. Instead of having an all or nothing mentality, think of two things you can change this week. 

If you have never exercised before, it is not really realistic to say that you are going to exercise 2 hours every morning. Instead set a realistic goal of perhaps going for a 20 minute walk 3 times a week. Think about the things that you know will take a little adjusting to but are not impossible. You are more likely to stick to your goal.

Your Time-scale Should Be Manageable
Once you have set a goal to aim for, you need to set a time-scale that will make it possible for you to reach your goal. It is no good saying that you want to lose 50 pounds in 2 weeks. I say good luck with that!  This is not a healthy time-scale, especially if you are aiming for long term results. Quick fix programs are a dime a dozen, but they don’t last. You’ll have great success in the beginning but then all that weight returns and sometimes even more. Sounds familiar?

If you have armed yourself with the right information, you will be able to work out healthy weight loss goals. For some of you it will be a bit of a surprise as to how long it may take. I say this not to discourage you to be sure you go into this entire process with an open mind. It is much better to make slow and steady progress than to do things too quickly and in an unhealthy or unnatural way.

Starting January 5th I will be starting a 6 month program that will teach you how to set realistic goals and become your own fat loss coach.




When You Look In The Mirror What Do You See?

Kim Barnes Jeffferson  TrifitnesssThis post is inspired by two women I overheard in the bathroom. They were looking in the mirror and picking apart their bodies. It got me thinking, how many other women do the same thing? How many women even look in the mirror? How many look and are inspired vs. disgusted by what they see?

For nine years I was a fitness competitor. This meant everything I put in my mouth, was weighed and measured. I worked out like it was my job.

The picture to the right is me, just before I stopped competing. Now some of you are like I’d do anything for the physique a like that.  That physique took hard work and dedication. I wasn’t having much fun. I used to look in the mirror and scrutinized everything. No matter how hard I worked, I wasn’t working hard enough, I always felt someone else was working hard than me. Here’s my secret if you talked to me during that time period, I would have sounded so sane, but my mindset was a hot mess!!

When I stopped competing it was a tough road for me as I wasn’t sure anymore how to workout without a physique goal. People go to the gym all the time what where their goals? How do they motivate themselves to hit the gym and hit with conviction?

I’ve been athletic my entire life and that left me with a number of injuries, now that I didn’t have a show  to get ready for, I had the time to work on my injuries and rehab the correct way. This also gave me something to work towards other than my physique. This was also the first time in my life I started to incorporate an actual rest day. A day that I didn’t workout. What a concept!!

I didn’t realize how that decision would dramatically change my mindset. For the first time it was NOT about my physique it was about what my body could do. Fast forward to, today, my goals have changed dramatically. Now when I workout, it’s not to make sure you see every muscle I have, it’s about how can I be fit for the rest of my life and how can I maximize my time in the gym. I workout anywhere from 30-45 minutes 4-5 times/week. My workouts are all about making me stronger. (Pic below is of me today) I’m not as lean as I used to be but I enjoy my workouts now and do like what I see in the mirror. My mirror image fuels and inspires me to continue to work hard.  I say wow, my  legs just PR’d a dead lift! Those crazy, bigger, faster, stronger conversations don’t happen any more. I look at my body as STRONG!

When you look in the mirror, what’s your conversation?



Fitober Fest 2014

It’s back!! Last year we took a healthy stroll through October and we are going to do it again.

Join the 30 Day FitOber Fest Challenge to create healthy habits.

Star2 100PercentFree 30 Day FitOber Fest

The aim of this challenge is to inspire you to build healthy habits that can fit into YOURS and YOUR families lifestyle. It’s free to join and at the end of the 30 days my goal is that you have a healthy living plan you that will help you to lose weight, feel great and look fabulous.  Drawing on healthy topics and insights from various fitness sources you’ll have access to fitness tips, recipes, workouts and knowledge to apply to your new healthy lifestyle.


Want to join in the fun this year?? Just click the link.  Starting on Wednesday, October 1st you’ll receive a daily email

Fitober Fest 2014


FitOber Fest 2014

  1. No purchase necessary.

  2. You do need to link to this page, tweet or Facebook each daily challenge. How else will I know you are participating.

  3. Plus — fitness is a team sport. By posting you will get support not only from me, but others who are taking the challenge.

  4. You will have a private Facebook group to share your insights, questions and ahas.

  5. FitOber Fest runs from October 1st – October 31st


Are You A Poser?

In my fitness career I’ve found that there are three types of fitness folks. becomeyourdream

  • Seekers: In constant search of the “diet plan” “workout” “coach” “super food” etc. that will help them to achieve their goals. When “the something” doesn’t give them fast weight loss or a quick fix, they give up immediately and declare it a failure.
  • Poser: They say all the right things, buy the right stuff, wear the right clothes, belong to the right groups, talks the talk but kinda walks the walk.
  • Doers: These are the folks that put their blood, sweat and tears into making their goals come true. You get up before the sun rises, go to the gym when they don’t feel it and make the most of their workouts.

You ask the question, how can you transition? Or can you transition? Yes, you can!!

  1. Set your intention. Get clear about what you want!!!
  2. Take an inventory. See how things the way they are. I’m not saying project stuff onto yourself. Talk a good hard look in the mirror and say where you are. Think of it like this. If you were looking at your bank account, you wouldn’t exaggerate your bank balance. That’s what I want you to do with your health.
  3. Now ponder what it would be if you have your ideal/best health or fitness level. Give yourself the opportunity to dream, what it would be like for you. Is it mean or this is where the song “Dreamweaver” comes on.
  4. ACTION – take a look at your dream/vision and pick 2 things that you can do TODAY to move toward that vision.  Once you have those 2 things and STICK with it for 30 days.

The goal of this blog post wasn’t to make any one feel ashamed. It was something for you to think about, and put wonder in your mind about what it would be like to GO FOR IT!
I really think that everyone has something inside of them that holds him or her back from their goals. I know how good it feels to hit my goals and I want everyone to feel that want. I want you to give yourself “permission” to feel great and look fabulous.
How many of you are ready to feel great and look fabulous. I would love to hear what 2 things you are going to work on for the next 30 days, please leave me a comment?


We Have To Start Somewhere!

I have always been interested in fitness, but my fitness journey really started in January 2002. My husband and I had just gotten married and he’s family has a history or heaallinrt disease and high blood pressure. I told him I didn’t want him to die on me, so we going to give each other a personal training for Christmas.

Enter Mike D. This man CHANGED the trajectory of my life. We met with him every Saturday at 7am for 6 months. During that time I lost 25 pounds and my husband lost 40 pounds.  From the first meeting with Mike, Philip (my husband) and I were ALL IN! That day we went home and throw out all the crap and the “healthy” crap.

Boy, was it a wake up call to lose my cheese and crackers and my pasta. I thought I’d miss it but looking back I had to go cold turkey.

During this time the gym had a weight loss contest. It was based on body comp change and I won.  It was at this time Mike who was a former bodybuilder suggested I think about competing. At this time, I had NO CLUE about competing. I didn’t even know what it was all about. He told me go buy an Oxygen magazine and get back to him.  I flipped through and thought this is not for me. I’m was not a “girlie” girl.


17 weeks later



Fast forward 2004, the Red Sox win their first world series. My motto became if the Red Sox can win a World Series anything is possible. I sought out a competition coach and I competed for 9 years.

During this time, what was a hobby turned into a full blown passion. I wanted to be the Mike D. for other people.

You can only imagine what it feels like when you are able to set a goal that you thought was impossible and achieve it.

I wanted to help others feel the same way that I did. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing others achieve their goals.

I started part time in fitness in 2006 and made the transition to full time fitness in 2010.

I can’t imagine my life without fitness and I hope that I can inspire my clients that we Mike inspired me.

Do you have a fitness story? I’d love to hear about your journey. Leave me a comment below.



[Day 9] Can This Become A Habit??

We’ve laid a good solid foundation, now let’s start burning it in to your brain and make it a habit.jimrohn
Motivation is key to attaining your goals. That is why i asked about why you wanted to partake in this challenge I wanted to make sure you were motivated for the right reasons and you had your head on straight. If you are someone who cannot get excited about your goals, then achieving them can become drudgery. And that just SUCKS!!! Here are 9 tips that will help you over the hump.


  1. Rewards If you’ve ever worked with children, you know that bribes work. “Eat your vegetables and you can have more mashed potatoes.” “Get an A on your homework and you get a sticker.” “Clean your room and we’ll go to the park.” As an adult, we tend to drop this habit. We just do the work because we’re supposed to, or maybe we don’t do the work at all because it’s just not fun. Why not add back in some fun! Reward yourself – notice I didn’t call it a bribe? Reward yourself for your success. For example, if your goal is to pack your lunch 3 times during the week, then buy yourself your favorite coffee and every morning, after a successful day that you bring your lunch.
  2. Friends Friends can make goal setting and achieving fun! Whenever you’re tempted to eat something off plan or not head to the gym, why not call or IM a friend! Tell them what’s going on and ask for the kick in the pants to motivate you to stay on plan or just make you laugh. That’s what friends are for. Friends can also join you in your goal. If you’re looking to add exercise to your routine, you can join a gym with friends, or just meet each morning for a brisk walk. Now you’re both getting healthy, and on the days when you’re not feeling like working out, knowing your friend is waiting for you and depending on you will get you out of bed.
  3. Record your successes Journaling is a great tool to track how you’re feeling. It can be even more motivating if you journal your successes. By recording your successes, when you’re having a difficult day, you can open your journal and read your success entries. Remembering what it felt like to succeed will help to motivate you through the tough days.
  4. Be positive A positive attitude is a wonderful motivator. When you’re feeling positive and have a happy outlook, it feels like anything is possible. A good way to stay positive, is planning for those tough times, and knowing how you can turn around your frame of mind, is a useful tool. So what makes you happy?  I have a stash of positive quotes, videos, songs and images that help me when I have my wall kicking moments.
  5. Being grateful What do you have to be grateful for? Remembering what is good and right in our lives tends to put everything else into perspective. When you’re dealing with a particularly difficult day and working out sounds less fun than cleaning the toilet, or you’re thinking a burger and soda at the local drive-thru will solve all of your problems, then it’s time to get out a pen and paper. Why not write down 5-10 things you’re grateful for? This could help snap you out of your funk quickly. Once you remember what is good and right in your world, the gym will maybe not feel so bad, and that takeout food will no longer feel like a life preserver.
  6. Use Triggers Lay out your clothes the night before or pack your gym bag and put it by the door so you don’t forget it.
  7. Get it over with Bite the bullet and head to the gym early. This may mean setting a bed time.
  8. Be prepared We talked the other day about prepping food on Sundays. Also make sure you have the right sneakers.
  9. X marks the spot I love this one. Grab a calendar and mark a red x each time you are successful with one of your goals mark a red x on the your calendar. This will give you visual motivation to keep going.

Your challenge today.

  1. Of the 9 tips which three will you find to be the most helpful and how you can use it.
  2. Find a motivational quote and post somewhere that you can see it

Don’t forget Leave a comment below. Write a facebook post on the Fabulous Fit Squad. If you have a personal blog, write a blog post. Make sure you link back to the site so we can cheer you on and hold you accountable.

Just joining now?? Don’t worry you can catch up.
Day 1 — Intro the challenge
Day 2 — Getting your mind straight 
Day 3 — Goal setting 
Day 4 — What’s on your plate
Day 5 — Lift
Day 6 — Cardio
Day 7 — Living on your own terms
Day 8 — Rest day



{Day 3} Gotta Have Goals!!!

Every client I work with I always ask what are your goals. What are we working towards. I typically get 2 types of response.  They either know their goals and can rattle them off Setting Fiitness Goalsor they look and me and say hmm what do you think I need to work on. When I hear the lather response I’m always taken a back. My feeling if you are seeking advice from a fitness professional you must have a goal. I can certainly help you fine tune them, but I’ve found that when you work toward a goal that isn’t yours you aren’t as passionate achieving it. Setting goals sometimes requires you to deep dig look in the mirror and really ask what you want.

So. today’s challenge is about setting SMART goals. I want you to think of goal setting as creating a road map for where you want to go. Imagine if you wanted to go to California. Would you get in the car and just drive, no.. you’d make a plan. You’d figure out do you drive, fly or some other mode of transportation. You’d map out where in California you were going and then you’d figure out when you’d want to go and for how long.  I want you to keep this analogy in your head as we dive into goal setting.

When clients set goals I typically experience two things.

1. They aren’t measurable, I hear something like this

  • Tone up
  • Get cut you know shredded
  • Lose my tummy
  • Firm up my J Lo (okay that’s my goal =))

2. They aren’t realistic

  • I’m going vacation in 2 weeks I want to drop 20 pounds
  • I want to put on 5 pounds of muscle while I’m training for a marathon
  • I’m going eat less than 1000 calories to drop weight fast

So.. when you set goals it doesn’t have to be this HUGE over the top goal. Now I’m not saying don’t set challenging goals, but set goals that you will be able to see and have some success.

We all have goals that we are trying to achieve, but are you setting SMART Goals. When you set SMART goals you are more likely to achieve them.  SMART goals are written in such a way that anyone who reads them can see what you are trying to achieve.

Here is what I’m talking about:

Specific What do I want to accomplish?
Measurable Criteria for measuring progress toward your goal
Attainable Goals are realistic and can be achieved in a specific amount of time and are reasonable.
Realistic You are both willing and able to work toward achieving this goal.
Timely Goals have a clearly defined time-frame including a target or deadline date.
Examples I will be able to do 10 pushups from my toes by January 31st.
I will bring my lunch 3 days on Mondays, Wednesday and Thursdays for the month of February.
I will do cardio for 30 minutes 5 times/week on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Is this starting to make sense?? So.. Day 3 Challenge as you can image is to set goals for this 30 day challenge.

  • They should begin with I will……
  • Now if you are feeling aggressive let’s set some goals for the next 60 and then 90 days.
  • I write a lot about goals so here are some additional reading about goals that may help you.
  • If you are stuck reach out! That’s why I’m here.

Don’t forget Leave a comment below. Write a facebook post on the Fabulous Fit Squad. If you have a personal blog, write a blog post. Make sure you link back to the site so we can cheer you on and hold you accountable.

Just joining now?? Don’t worry you can catch up.
Day 1 — Intro the challenge
Day 2 — Getting your mind straight

Stay tuned.. tomorrow I will give you the building blocks of good nutrition.

Hold Yourself Accountable
5 Ways To Successfully Reach Your Weight Loss Goals
Hairy Eyeball of Truth











How Do I Need To Improve?

I love this blog challenge because it’s all about simple micro actions. This is what I tell my clients it’s not about big sweeping moving, but taking tiny steps forward toward your goals.

Today’s blog focus is what 3 things can I do change my blog.

  1. Clear Calls To Action — How do we interact with each other. Make it easy for you to understand what you are a suppose to do once you get to the site. How can you work with me? How do I make so you want to hang out with me and join the squad in some capacity.
  2. Clear and Consistent Content — This challenge has really helped me get clear about what I want the blog to be about. During this challenge I want to get consistent with my posting.
  3. Clean Up My Service Offerings — What is it that I offer clients? KISS ~ Keep It Simple Stupid.

How about you? Think of 3 things that you can improve and leave me a comment below.

30 day challenge


How To Marry Passion With Money!

I keep talking about living my passion while having time and financial freedom. I was lucky enough to have been told thatpiggybank my services were no longer needed at my last corporate job. Okay– in layman’s terms I was laid off. Now for most people there are a number of emotions that run through them. When I heard those words, my boss was expecting tears OR anger. I took a deep breath and said what does this mean? Is today my last day. I should have taken a picture his face was PRICELESS!!! Now let’s face forward to me going home and telling my husband. My husband’s response — you hated that job it’s time you finally did something you love.  Got to love him! He knows how to kick my butt and motivate me to take action.

So for the past few years I’ve been stringing a bunch of jobs together, but now I’m ready to scale it back and create revenue that won’t require me to always be present to deliver the services. I’m also looking for away to be able to travel with my husband without having to shuffle the world around to make it happen.

Today’s blog post is all about how will I make money.

1. I have been wanting to create a digital product for YEARS. Yes, years it’s time for me to get off my butt and take ACTION! Here I’m putting it out there. By the end of 2013 I will have 1 information product. My plan is to have the following.

  • Clean eating recipe book
  • 12 week workout plan including nutrition

2. I love helping people achieve their fitness goals. I want to continue to coach clients, both in an online way and by phone.  Ideally I’d love to do a 2x year women’s fitness and wellness retreat.

3. For years people have asked me what products I use, I want work with different manufacturers to be able to showcase the best products to my clients. These health and wellness clients will help me the achieve their goals.

Now here’s a fourth dream goal that will take a little time for me, but I’d love to start speaking in front of large groups.

30 day challenge




How Will You Stay On Track?

Yesterday in my blog challenge we were asked to come up with goals for the next 30 days. That was challenging, but the most challenging part of it for me was taking it to the next step. You see I’m awesome with coming up with ideas, but sometimes  I struggle to take the next step OR the next step overwhelms me OR I get side tracked by something else. Well not this time! I’m focused and committed to making my dreams come true by the end of the year.

Action is the foundational key to all success.
Pablo Picasso

I’m not sure about you, but sometimes we just get stuck in our habits and patterns that we can’t seem to break free! Well. I’m ready to break free. My mission to help women embrace their strength and their power. I feel like I can no longer contain it. It’s time for it to come out!!

Today’s challenge was to come up with 3 tools that will help you stay on track. Here are my three tool:

  • Time management — purchased a book that I can track my daily to dos. I’m also finishing reading and immediately begin in-acting The 7 Minute Solution. I will also block time in my schedule DAILY to devote to marketing and promoting my business.IMG_1035
  • Meditation —  I need to learn to sit quietly.  I will use my Ipod and set a time for 5 minutes. I have index cards of mantras that I will repeat to help me grow my belief in growing my business and helping my clients achieve their goals. I will continue to read my Daily Book of Positive quotes to help center me and keep my thoughts positive.My affirmation: I confidently go after success!

balance, meditation

  • Plugging in — I will listen to 3 podcasts/week. This time instead of listening I will take any tips or techniques and find a way to implement them. I will also get back to daily posting on Facebook and Twitter.

Apply yourself. Get all the education you
can, but then, by God, do something.
Don’t just stand there, make it happen.

Lee Iacocca

30 day challenge