Deadlines do not scare me. I let go of worry and concentrate on getting things done.


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Right now I am working on a HUGE goal. It’s been offered to me 3 times previously and I’ve kinda sorta worked for it. This time. I’m working my little tushy off to hit this goal! I had a big wall of doubt come up, but I pushed it to the side. My focus is on getting it DONE. For those of you, read my blog or follow me on Facebook know that one of my mottos is #gsd — that means get shit done!

So how do I put head down and relax into the process of hitting my goal? I plan ahead and break my task into manageable pieces. I know that procrastination only makes things more difficult for me, so I start on a project as early as I can in order to ease the pressure as the deadline approaches.

I let go of the idea that things will just come together and instead take the time to make solid plans. I decide early if I’m going to need more supplies, more research, or more help. This way I have the time to find just what I need in a relaxed and thoughtful manner.

I organize my steps, dividing the task into pieces that I know I can handle. I am far more productive when I choose to do a little bit every day, than if I save it all for a last minute crunch.

I know when to delegate and have people lined up who can help me if, despite my best efforts, I find myself in a bind near the end of a project. Because I have taken the time to help them when they were the ones in need, I know I will be able to count on them to help me.

I am proactive. By approaching each project with care and thoughtfulness, I am confident that I will be able to reach full completion without undue worry.

This is approach my seem rigid, it is, but there is also flexibility. I look at it like this, if I were going to be driving to California from Boston, I would use a map and plot my drive, but I would also know that stuff will happen along the route. It’s my PLAN that will help me to minimize those disruptions and stay the course.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Am I proactive or reactive when faced with a deadline?
2. Do I give myself time to deal with unexpected issues that might arise?
3. Have I fostered a team mentality by my own willingness to help others so I can get help when I need it?


Will This Year Belong to You

Are you one of those people who follow through on their actions or do you find that your good intentions fall to the wayside quickly? Regardless of whichsetting fitness goals type of person you may classify yourself as, why not make this year the year which belongs to you?

This your my mantra is I finish everything I start!

While this may sound like a huge challenge, by breaking it down into smaller steps the picture becomes much clearer. When it comes to setting goals many people often make lofty goals, those that are almost unattainable or out of reach. It’s no wonder that these ambitions and goals are given up almost as fast as they were set.
So how do you set easy to reach goals that will lead you on the path of your dreams?

One of the first things that you need to accomplish is to think about what your goals are. Now we don’t mean traveling the world living out of fancy hotels. We that an awesome goal, don’t get me wrong, but for this blog post I mean the goals that are going to help you lead the life you have always dreamed of. If your goal was to travel the world what would be the steps you need to take to accomplish this?

By breaking down a main goal into smaller segments you are working towards your end goal. Building on the travel goal, what would you need to make this come true? Lots of money for one thing. How would you get this money? This would become a smaller goal. Once you had the money how would you travel, where would you go and how long would you stay in each place. All of these steps are smaller goals that need to be determined.
Do you see how these smaller steps are building up to the main goal? Perfect, this is exactly how you can make this year belong to you.
First define what your end goal is. Then plan out all of the steps you need to take to get there. This might include earning more money, saving money regularly, learning a new skill or it might involve losing weight and getting fit.

Regardless of your end goal, once you have planned out your steps you want to treat each one as a mini goal. Then take each mini goal and work on it until you have reached it. Then take the next one and build upon that. Repeat this process until you can see your end goal in sight.
Along the way you are going to come face to face with stumbling blocks and of course, life will get in the way. All of these things are perfectly normal. What matters is the manner in which you deal with these road blocks.  These will occur, so how will you jump over, around under or through!!

For people losing weight it can be difficult when you reach a plateau for weeks and weeks. It is easier to give up and revert back to your old habits. Those people that are really determined and motivated to reach their target goal will look for ways to deal with these plateaus. These people are fighters!
When working towards a goal you do not always have to work hard on it every day. Sometimes it is healthy to take a short break, just don’t let this become a vacation though!

. Working on a new goal means finding ways to fit it into your life without placing something or someone else in jeopardy.
With this in mind you now have the tools and a plan of attack to make this year belong to you in any way you see fit.

If you goal is to lose weight, I’d love to help you. My Lean & Sexy program does just that. Click here to learn more.


Boost Your Workouts and Nutrition With Protein Powder Smoothies

One of the most important aspects of living a healthy lifestyle is diet. Jack Lalane’s famous quote is exercise is king and nutrition is queen. If you ant Isalean Vegan Dairy Free to make gains in your physique and health, you must check your diet. Sound nutrition can help to increase our daily energy levels, fight disease, improve our health, and when paired with exercise will help us to achieve the best results.

For most of us we typically get a lot of fats and carbs in our diet, we typically lack protein. Also, the body doesn’t store protein to draw on when it needs it, so it should be an important part of your daily diet.

The Power of Protein

  • Protein is an essential component of every cell in the body.
  • The nails and hair are made mostly from it.
  • The body uses protein for vital internal functions, such as, to repair and build tissue.
  • It is the building block of bones, cartilage, skin, blood and muscles.
  • Protein also makes hormones, enzymes and other vital chemicals in the body.

Benefits Of Protein For Workouts

Along with the vital benefits of protein mentioned before, ingesting protein after a workout, especially after doing strength and muscle work is one of the most important times to get protein into the body.

This is because it will go to the muscles where it can begin the healing and recovery of the “micro tears,” which, are small tears in muscle tissue caused by intense contractions of lifting weights.

The key to supplying and nourishing the body with protein is to choose the right forms.

When it comes to eating animal protein for example, it is best to choose lean varieties most of the time, such as, chicken and turkey.

And, then there is the highly efficient, convenient protein powder. It can improve the efficiency of your workouts. To repair your muscles after a hard workout it’s important to have a fast acting protein within 30 minutes of your workout. By fast acting protein it can be a protein shake, cottage cheese, greek yogurt or milk.

Protein Powder Smoothies And Shakes

It is a fact that the best way to get the needed benefits of protein is through solid food, but, this is not always possible or convenient, as people are busy, and have hectic lives. Hitting your protein micronutrients goals day by day can be a really difficult task. This is how protein shakes can be of great use.

By enjoying delicious protein powder smoothies you can enjoy what you’re consuming while reaching your goals. Because solid food takes more time to digest and to break down the protein and send it to the muscles, it can be best to take a protein shake immediately following a workout, since it will reach the muscle within 30 minutes of ingestion. Definitely, we can see the advantage to taking a protein shake in this instance.

Protein, alike any other macro nutrient is essential to make sure that you get everything out of your workout. Being dehydrated before a workout can be detrimental to your performance and cause a significant lack in strength and focus.

Protein smoothies, as well as, water, are an excellent way to keep hydrated before a workout!

Unlike standard protein powder shakes (typically mixed with water or milk) protein powder smoothies not only provide essential protein to reach daily goals, but, they are also an excellent source of energy from the natural sugar within the fruits that you include.

This means that with a single protein powder shake you can stay hydrated, reach your protein goals, enjoy a nice tasting drink, as well as, benefit from an increase in energy levels!

What could be better?

Does The Brand Of Protein Powder Matter?

Some people think of protein powders as a “magic solution” to building muscle. This is not the case. Protein powder is simply a convenient way of consuming grams of protein. A gram of protein from a chicken breast is identical to a gram of protein from powders.

Make sure you read the label when purchasing your protein powders. Typically, a solid protein powder will contain 20 grams of protein for every 25 grams powder. Some cheap protein powders are full of sugary carbs and little protein content. Always choose all natural products without unnecessary added artificial ingredients. My favorite brand of protein power is Isagenix. They have a whey protein powder AND a meal replacement protein that’s not filled to added sugars and fillers.

4 Protein Powder Smoothie Recipes

Banana-Oat Protein Smoothie
Bananas are essential sources of potassium that aids calcium absorption and protects the heart. This is the ideal drink before a strenuous workout – it will sustain your blood sugar and prevent muscle cramps.

1 scoop protein powder (vanilla)
1/4 c Oatmeal
1  half bananas
1 & 1/2 half cups of almond milk

Blueberry Blast

1 cup vanilla almond milk (unsweetened)
1 frozen banana
1/2 cup blueberries
1 scoop protein powder (unflavored or vanilla flavor)

Tropical Breeze
With a range of healthy fruits the tropical breeze is a healthy nutrient and protein filled smoothie that will provide excellent results when consumed.

1 cup vanilla almond milk (unsweetened)
1 cup pineapple
1 teaspoon fresh shredded coconut (no sugar added) or coconut milk
1/2 cup blueberries
1 scoop of protein powder (unflavored or vanilla flavored)

Banana Bread Shake
Another excellent source of energy and potassium from the bananas along with the slow release energy from the oatmeal and bran flakes to keep you going throughout your workout and your entire day!

2 scoop vanilla whey protein powder
1 banana
1/4 cup of Oatmeal
1/4 cup bran flakes
16 oz of water
Sweetener to add taste

Best Times To Drink Protein Smoothies?

  • Breakfast — really east to whip up and grab on the way out the door
  • Pre and post workout — fast and easy way to get nutrition around your workouts

Want to learn more about how to use protein, please shoot me an email and we can talk about your needs in more details.  If you have a protein powder that you use and want me to take a look at it, leave it in the comments below.


You Are Greater Than You Think You Are!

stopI’ve followed Les Brown for years. He is just amazing. He seems to always key into what I’m feeling. He knows when I need a kick in the pants to keep going or hug.  Here is a great post from Facebook.  Click the link below. I hope you enjoy it too.


Will You Go For It?

What is your burning desire?

What is the one thing that keeps coming up that you say I wish or someday?

When are you going to take action?

When will you go for it?

For me this year has been about going for it. Not playing small. I’m kicking some tushy and taking names on some goals that have been hanging around far to long!!

Listen to my latest video blog where about about your burning desire.

Want to get started. Check out my 30 day fitness sprint challenge. Click here


Are You A Poser?

In my fitness career I’ve found that there are three types of fitness folks. becomeyourdream

  • Seekers: In constant search of the “diet plan” “workout” “coach” “super food” etc. that will help them to achieve their goals. When “the something” doesn’t give them fast weight loss or a quick fix, they give up immediately and declare it a failure.
  • Poser: They say all the right things, buy the right stuff, wear the right clothes, belong to the right groups, talks the talk but kinda walks the walk.
  • Doers: These are the folks that put their blood, sweat and tears into making their goals come true. You get up before the sun rises, go to the gym when they don’t feel it and make the most of their workouts.

You ask the question, how can you transition? Or can you transition? Yes, you can!!

  1. Set your intention. Get clear about what you want!!!
  2. Take an inventory. See how things the way they are. I’m not saying project stuff onto yourself. Talk a good hard look in the mirror and say where you are. Think of it like this. If you were looking at your bank account, you wouldn’t exaggerate your bank balance. That’s what I want you to do with your health.
  3. Now ponder what it would be if you have your ideal/best health or fitness level. Give yourself the opportunity to dream, what it would be like for you. Is it mean or this is where the song “Dreamweaver” comes on.
  4. ACTION – take a look at your dream/vision and pick 2 things that you can do TODAY to move toward that vision.  Once you have those 2 things and STICK with it for 30 days.

The goal of this blog post wasn’t to make any one feel ashamed. It was something for you to think about, and put wonder in your mind about what it would be like to GO FOR IT!
I really think that everyone has something inside of them that holds him or her back from their goals. I know how good it feels to hit my goals and I want everyone to feel that want. I want you to give yourself “permission” to feel great and look fabulous.
How many of you are ready to feel great and look fabulous. I would love to hear what 2 things you are going to work on for the next 30 days, please leave me a comment?


We Have To Start Somewhere!

I have always been interested in fitness, but my fitness journey really started in January 2002. My husband and I had just gotten married and he’s family has a history or heaallinrt disease and high blood pressure. I told him I didn’t want him to die on me, so we going to give each other a personal training for Christmas.

Enter Mike D. This man CHANGED the trajectory of my life. We met with him every Saturday at 7am for 6 months. During that time I lost 25 pounds and my husband lost 40 pounds.  From the first meeting with Mike, Philip (my husband) and I were ALL IN! That day we went home and throw out all the crap and the “healthy” crap.

Boy, was it a wake up call to lose my cheese and crackers and my pasta. I thought I’d miss it but looking back I had to go cold turkey.

During this time the gym had a weight loss contest. It was based on body comp change and I won.  It was at this time Mike who was a former bodybuilder suggested I think about competing. At this time, I had NO CLUE about competing. I didn’t even know what it was all about. He told me go buy an Oxygen magazine and get back to him.  I flipped through and thought this is not for me. I’m was not a “girlie” girl.


17 weeks later



Fast forward 2004, the Red Sox win their first world series. My motto became if the Red Sox can win a World Series anything is possible. I sought out a competition coach and I competed for 9 years.

During this time, what was a hobby turned into a full blown passion. I wanted to be the Mike D. for other people.

You can only imagine what it feels like when you are able to set a goal that you thought was impossible and achieve it.

I wanted to help others feel the same way that I did. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing others achieve their goals.

I started part time in fitness in 2006 and made the transition to full time fitness in 2010.

I can’t imagine my life without fitness and I hope that I can inspire my clients that we Mike inspired me.

Do you have a fitness story? I’d love to hear about your journey. Leave me a comment below.



{Day 25} What’s Your Why??

Now. when you hear this you like what are you talking about. Over the past 2 years I’ve spent time whyworking on mine. So. here’s a peak into me. Three years ago I was working slaving for a corporate gym burning the candle at both ends. One day I was like what am I doing. I’m exhausted, I’m giving them 60% of my money and they still want more. What else could I give? Umm.. my notice.  My WHY — I wanted to be happier, less tired, go vacation with my husband with it not be the “right time” be appreciated for me hard work. I scaled back my time at gym and started working for myself training clients online. I was — less tired, had more energy and was HAPPIER! I was doing what I wanted to do — servicing clients.  What made me snap was my WHY! I started training becasue I wanted to help folks lose weight and get healthy. I didn’t want to hit quotas, if I wanted to do that I would have stayed in sales in corporate America. So.. let’s get down to today’s lesson.

  • What’s your WHY?
  • We’ve talked about a number of different mindset and motivational ideas, but really WHY are you looking to get healthier?
  • Why are you looking to make a change?
  • Who supports my success?
  • Who needs me to succeed?
  • Why now?
  • Is my why big enough?

People who know their “why” will make their dreams come true. At times you may look in the mirror and think to yourself, I can’t do this, this is where you borrow belief. Allow yourself to be taught.

Today’s a assignment is a little tough. We are rapidly reaching the end of our time together so — I need to make sure I get it all in.

  1. Decide what you want?
    • Where do you want to by the end of the year?
  2. What is your why?
    • So deep and meaningful that it makes you want to move any obstacle to make your goals happen
  3. Solid game plan
    • When we set goals at the beginning of this challenge where they solid? Can you measure how far you have come?
    • Are your goals should be on paper!
    • Your goals should be posted someplace you can see every day to remind you of where you are going!
  4. Commit
    • You can’t do just say I’ll try. You need to commit.
    • Are you willing to commit to be in a different place 12 months for now?

  1. Personal Development
    • Become a student of a healthy lifestyle
    • Invest in coaching to help you get over your hurdles
    • Invest time in reading and learning about health and fitness
    • Invest in researching the best foods for you and your family
  2. What’s you holding you back

Don’t wait for someone else to to create what you want! In the words of Nike — Just Do It!! Another good blog post, Make Yourself! Love’d the Nike campaign.


Don’t forget Leave a comment below. Write a facebook post on the Fabulous Fit Squad. If you have a personal blog, write a blog post. Make sure you link back to the site so we can cheer you on and hold you accountable.

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Day 3 — Goal setting 
Day 4 — What’s on your plate
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Day 6 — Cardio
Day 7 — Living on your own terms
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Day  9 — Forming a habit
Day 10 — Just Breathe
Day 11 — Fat loss secrets revealed
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Day 20 — Courage and Strength
Day 21 — You Can’t Out Run A Bad Diet
Day 22 — 10 Days To Go!
Day 23 To Cleanse Or Not Cleanse
Day 24 The Power Of Sleep



[Day 6] I’m A Sweaty Mess!

cardio photo: cardio workout IMG_0213.jpgYesterday was all about strength training. I’ll admit it. I LOVE LIFTING. Cardio not so much. I get bored easily. Where I know some of you would rather run your heart out, I’d rather lift. I know I need to do cardio as it’s good for my heart and sadly as I age I need to do it to help me burn off the fat in addition to the lifting.

Now some of you are cardio queens and will do cardio for a hours on end. I’m sorry to bust your bubble but if you desire to get shredded, ripped or etc. You got to limit your time on cardio. Here are some tips to follow:

  1. Your cardio should be limited to 30-35 minutes. You should only be doing cardio 3-5 days/week
  2. Do intervals — I mean you go hard for a certain period and then you recover and then go hard (I’ve attached an interval)
  3. Make sure you are sweating
  4. You should at some point feel uncomfortable
  5. Reading a magazine or book should be difficult unless you are looking at the pictures
  6. When you hop on cardio be sure to mix up the machines as well as the programs on said machines.

Today’s challenge

    1. If you are a cardio queen yes there is a definition in the urban dictionary. Scale back your cardio to 30-35 min.
    2. If you hate  I mean dislike cardio then you will hop on for 30 min at least 3 times this week. Something I’ve been doing recently that really helps me to get through cardio is I’ve been doing finisher and then hoping on the treadmill and walking on an incline. I put the incline at 10 and the speed at fast enough that I can walk but running would be easier.
    3. Below is a cardio workout for you to try.

Do the following circuit as many times as possible in 3 minutes. Rest only when needed:

Speed Skaters (5/side)
Mountain Climbers (10)
Burpees (5)

*Record below how many circuits

High Knees-30 sec
T-Pushup Pushup- 30 sec
Prisoner Squat- 30 sec
* Record below how many circuits

My cardio queens I haven’t forgot about you. Here is cardio rehab for you.
Hop on an elliptical.  Warm up 5 min
Incline 9

We are working a ladder we are going up and if you are feeling strong you will come down.
30 sec hard don’t 160 strides/min
30 sec easy recover
60 sec hard don’t go below 160 strides/min
30 sec easy recover
2 min hard
1 min easy
3 min hard
2 min easy
4 min hard
3 min easy
now.. if you are feeling it go back down the ladder
4 min hard
3 min easy
3 min hard
2 min easy
2 min hard
1 min easy
1 min hard
30 easy
5 min cool down


Don’t forget Leave a comment below. Write a facebook post on the Fabulous Fit Squad. If you have a personal blog, write a blog post. Make sure you link back to the site so we can cheer you on and hold you accountable.

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Day 1 — Intro the challenge
Day 2 — Getting your mind straight
Day 3 — Goal setting
Day 4 — What’s on your plate
Day 5 — Lift

Stay tuned.. tomorrow I will talk about treat meals.


{Day 3} Gotta Have Goals!!!

Every client I work with I always ask what are your goals. What are we working towards. I typically get 2 types of response.  They either know their goals and can rattle them off Setting Fiitness Goalsor they look and me and say hmm what do you think I need to work on. When I hear the lather response I’m always taken a back. My feeling if you are seeking advice from a fitness professional you must have a goal. I can certainly help you fine tune them, but I’ve found that when you work toward a goal that isn’t yours you aren’t as passionate achieving it. Setting goals sometimes requires you to deep dig look in the mirror and really ask what you want.

So. today’s challenge is about setting SMART goals. I want you to think of goal setting as creating a road map for where you want to go. Imagine if you wanted to go to California. Would you get in the car and just drive, no.. you’d make a plan. You’d figure out do you drive, fly or some other mode of transportation. You’d map out where in California you were going and then you’d figure out when you’d want to go and for how long.  I want you to keep this analogy in your head as we dive into goal setting.

When clients set goals I typically experience two things.

1. They aren’t measurable, I hear something like this

  • Tone up
  • Get cut you know shredded
  • Lose my tummy
  • Firm up my J Lo (okay that’s my goal =))

2. They aren’t realistic

  • I’m going vacation in 2 weeks I want to drop 20 pounds
  • I want to put on 5 pounds of muscle while I’m training for a marathon
  • I’m going eat less than 1000 calories to drop weight fast

So.. when you set goals it doesn’t have to be this HUGE over the top goal. Now I’m not saying don’t set challenging goals, but set goals that you will be able to see and have some success.

We all have goals that we are trying to achieve, but are you setting SMART Goals. When you set SMART goals you are more likely to achieve them.  SMART goals are written in such a way that anyone who reads them can see what you are trying to achieve.

Here is what I’m talking about:

Specific What do I want to accomplish?
Measurable Criteria for measuring progress toward your goal
Attainable Goals are realistic and can be achieved in a specific amount of time and are reasonable.
Realistic You are both willing and able to work toward achieving this goal.
Timely Goals have a clearly defined time-frame including a target or deadline date.
Examples I will be able to do 10 pushups from my toes by January 31st.
I will bring my lunch 3 days on Mondays, Wednesday and Thursdays for the month of February.
I will do cardio for 30 minutes 5 times/week on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Is this starting to make sense?? So.. Day 3 Challenge as you can image is to set goals for this 30 day challenge.

  • They should begin with I will……
  • Now if you are feeling aggressive let’s set some goals for the next 60 and then 90 days.
  • I write a lot about goals so here are some additional reading about goals that may help you.
  • If you are stuck reach out! That’s why I’m here.

Don’t forget Leave a comment below. Write a facebook post on the Fabulous Fit Squad. If you have a personal blog, write a blog post. Make sure you link back to the site so we can cheer you on and hold you accountable.

Just joining now?? Don’t worry you can catch up.
Day 1 — Intro the challenge
Day 2 — Getting your mind straight

Stay tuned.. tomorrow I will give you the building blocks of good nutrition.

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